Kins is getting some names down. She learned my dad is Paw Paw, Dada she's known for awhile, and for about the past month she's finally been saying Mama. She's making up for taking so long to start saying my name with extra enthusiasm now that she's saying it. If I leave the room for 5 seconds, she'll point at me when I come back and proudly announce, "Mama!" Then, yesterday, she learned her own name. I pointed at Tim and I saying "Dada and Mama", then pointed at her and said her name. I could actually see the lightbulb click on in her head. She then excitedly pointed at herself and said her name. She said it perfectly too, although with repetition it's become less perfect. It seems like a tough concept to get a handle on your self awareness and learn your own name. I was proud.


  1. Self awareness does seem like a tricky concept. I can't wait to hear her say her name.

  2. So, what does she say? Zoey or Kins?

  3. Can't wait to hear her say her name. I'm glad Princess Kins deigned to give us a few hugs yesterday!


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