Aug 29, 2011

Mamas are Terrible Hiders

The other night Kins woke up at midnight screaming. Not just a little whimper, but tears rolling down her face. Usually, if she wakes up in the night and stands up she lays back down within a minute and goes back to sleep without much crying at all. Tim went to check on her and she kept crying and screaming, "Mama!" over and over. As soon as he brought her to me she gave me a big hug and calmed down immediately. It was adorable. Not long after she wanted to go see Daddy again to go to sleep.

After he had her asleep I remembered I had left her vent uncovered. I've got this system to keep her room a good temperature, which involved covering her vent with a book overnight, because it gets too cold otherwise, even with the vent totally closed off. I didn't want her to get too cold, so I crept into her room like a panther, which is to say, on my hands and knees. Halfway to the vent I was met with catastrophe, my arm popped loudly, waking Kins up from her fragile sleep. I quickly lept behind the ottoman of her glider, meaning, I crouched down because that's where I already was. I was certain I was hidden completely. In hindsight, I think I was so certain because I didn't have my contacts in and could barely see a thing. Kins, on the other hand, has laser vision, and with the nightlight in her bedroom apparently had no problem IDing me. She stood up and said, "Mama!" several times. Then, more hesitantly, she said, "turtle". Shortly after she decided it wasn't worth the bother and went back to sleep. This whole time I was sure I was hidden like a ninja, and she was just calling my name hoping I'd come in out of my bedroom.

After I made my way back to the bedroom, I found Tim laughing. He said he had been on his phone, but once he heard all the action he quickly realized the monitor was far more entertaining to watch. He said I was in clear view, and that she was actually pointing at me while identifying me. It was pretty funny. Here's a picture of my stealthy hiding place, taken the next morning from her point of view.


  1. Hahaha, technology is awesome!

  2. that is too did kind of look like a turtle...

  3. ahh that's a good story. I lolled big time when you got to the turtle part.

  4. You really must brush up on your ninja and hiding skills, but you are amazing none the less.

  5. Your hiding wasn't so bad, it's just that the Kins has eagle eyes. And, well, so does Tim...


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