Daniel's Pass with Papa and Grandma

My dad has recently become Papa. We thought Kins called him that on the phone recently, but she has now made it totally clear that she knows his name. Or her name for him anyway. I was skype calling with my mom, and when he walked by in the background she screamed, "Papa!!!" It was very cute. Now we're waiting to see what she will call grandma.
Bonding with Papa.
Thrilled to be out of the carrier and cruising around on her own.
She liked holding Grandma's hand.
Can you spot the perty Kins flower?

I notice I seem to have a substantial spare tire here. I hope it's mostly my shirt, but I can't be certain.


  1. Very cute. I love her mischievous look in the sunflowers.

  2. ah the cuteness. The one where she's holding grandma's hand is just too much. That's so cute that she's started calling your dad "papa" and even got really excited to catch a glimpse of him. Wonder what she'll call Grandma? If it's anything like Bears, it's Nana/Mama. Now if only I can get him calling me mama.

  3. that is so sweet...Little Britches has started calling my hubby Poppy....we started calling him Paw Paw....but LB had his own ideas....I'm still Oma...


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