20 Months

 She likes this bear. I have another picture of her feeding him cheese that I can't find. She kept shoving it forcefully against his face, thinking if she just did it firmly enough maybe he would eat it.
 This dog hopped into my car when we were about to head over to the park to meet Tooter and Bears. I found the owner by placing a KSL ad within a few hours. Kins enjoyed hanging with the dog while we had her. She is slowly getting better around animals. I try to get her to give hugs instead of fur yanking, and she happily complies.

This month Kins went through a little patch of what seemed kind of like sibling rivalry with Bears. If he played with any of her stuff she would get very upset and go try to take it from him. He wasn't even allowed to so much as touch her pony friend, and if he dared, she would go yank his hand off. She also decided it was fun to grab his hand and clench it painfully. Poor Bears. Finally, I convinced her it was more fun to give Bears hugs than be naughty. Lately, she's been a lot better. I'm hoping she's over it.
 Kins is a firm believer that patty cake should only be played with your feet. She never plays with her own hands. Sometimes with other peoples hands, but quite often with her feet.

 A little hike up to Lake Mary. Kins loves to get out and hike around on her own a little on each hike. If it's steep or rocky and she's on her own she will look back and hold out her hand for help, it's very cute. We caught all the wildflowers in bloom and the lake was filled to the brim for maximum aesthetic appeal. Bugs were out for maximum post hike itchiness. Did you know that hemorrhoid cream works the best on bites? Just a little tidbit a pharmacist once shared with me that I've found to be true.
Watching the dogs play. She loves her puppies. Every morning when she sees them she starts screaming and breathing excitedly.

She's still learning words quickly. I read that by age 2 they can learn up to 5 new words a day! So, I guess I'm going to see her start learning even faster soon.

Eating is still by far the most challenging part of being her mama. She just doesn't like to do it, weather it's ice cream or pears, she eats it with the same disdain. I imagine one day soon she will realize that some foods actually do taste good. I still distract her with my phone or let her watch netflix on my laptop so that I can feed her.

She is pretty easy in most other ways. She seems to nearly always be happy, and she is good at playing on her own. Her book tastes are maturing...
Ok, not that fast. She's not into detective novels quite yet. She did think it was pretty funny she was reading Mama's book though.

She tries to help out when she can. This morning she put away groceries for quite some time. She put coffee, chips, and about 20 jars of food all into the pantry. She had to do some rearranging to get things to fit, she pulled a few things out that were in the way. She was very pleased with her work.


  1. Pretty pics from Lake Mary, and of course any pics of the Kins are adorable.

  2. I love the way she gives Bears hugs. It's gotta be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Those pics of lake mary look pretty dreamy. I was pumped to see that one of tim and zoey full sized because I felt like that last Lake Mary post was a big tease what with the small resolution size of the photo and all.

  3. Lake Mary is really pretty right now. There are tons of flowers of every color everywhere and the lake is full.

    That Lake Mary post was from my phone, and I saw how it was a tiny picture, but I couldn't fix it. Foolish app.

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  5. I can see why this person has chosen to remain anonymous. I hope his/her poignant remarks weren't too cutting but it needed to be said.

  6. Boy, T. Squats, I'm impressed with how on top of comments you are right now. I was mad at first, but after you commented I realized that you're right. At least some of what anonymous is saying is true, and bears thinking about. Or, is that Bears is thinking about them? It's hard to tell.


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