Random Pictures

Near the Draper path. An unusual sight!
Getting some work done.
Hanging on the deck.

Contentedly pushing the stroller with Daddy.
She's the spitting image of Tim, but in this picture at least, it would appear she may have gotten my eye color.

We love chillin' in the grass after a run.
Park time.


  1. The Kins is cute in all of them. And yes, she has Mom's eyes.
    Love the pic with Kins hard at work on the computer, but with her diaper showing.

  2. got a little plumber action going on there..LOL...she is too cute...

  3. didn't think much about the zebra pic at first until I realized that this picture was not, in fact, taken at the zoo. how strange. oh and I love that picture of you and zoey that features your eye colors.

  4. Ooohhhh. She is too cute always. Yes, she looks strikingly like Tim now. Wonder if she'll start to favor you a little more as she gets older..?


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