Bear hugs
 Sitting on her mama chair
 This pair of mystery shoes arrived in the mail awhile back. Turned out they were from Tooter. Such a cute present, and what a spoiled Kins. Now she just needs to grow into them.
 I've been putting a book in bed with her. That way if she wakes up, she usually finds her book pretty quickly and reads for a bit before falling back asleep instead of being upset. It's working out nicely. Sometimes she falls asleep clutching a book.
 The aftermath of the Bear hug. He was equally pleased.
 I didn't set this up.


  1. such cute pictures. I think my favorite might be the one of her reading while sitting on the stuffed animal. Or else the bear hugs.

  2. The pic of her reading on bear is adorable. I also like the idea of her having a book in bed. She's the world's littlest book lover. The 3rd pic looks a lot like you.


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