She really likes this song. She starts doing a little grooving around 30 seconds in.


  1. those are some pretty sweet moves she's got there. Maybe we should arrange for her and Bears to have a dance off one of these days...oh and I notice there's a theme going on here. Every time you're able to catch her dancing on film it's to a song off of the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. Not sure what it means yet but I'm sure it means something. I'll have to get back to you.

  2. Oooh, I don't know, I'm pretty sure Bears would win. I think he gets more into intense dancing than she does.

    Hm. What if I were to tell you that Tim and I are the original Romeo and Juliet? They don't die like you think. The story just ends a little before we wake up and start our new vampire lives. Romeo and Juliet related things naturally interest us. Would that be a good enough explanation? Or would it be better if I were to say that Kins just seemed to have an affinity for it right off the bat so I always leave it in for her?

  3. The child has her daddy's rhythm. Very cute. She was really grooving. I've seen Bears' dancing videos, too, and he's pretty good. They would have a fun competition.

  4. Yes. That's it. Romeo and Juliet vampires. and may I say, you did a commendable makeup job back when you were pretending to be a kid 20 years ago. I never suspected a thing.

    Janie, I'm glad you're in favor of this dance off as well. I think it would be epic.


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