I always get less motivated to blog the longer I go without. Maybe it's the pressure to catch up, things are all building up and it's impossible. My friend April was in town for a bit, which kept us on the move and before and since Tim has been working like a madman. He had two employees go to jail at the start of a couple of jobs, and neither employee is out yet. Not a great start. The job is supposed to be over at the beginning of next week, and the word on the street is he's going to get to be around a little bit after that. It makes life very busy when he doesn't help watch Kins a little in the evenings and put her to bed. Those single moms out there without support around to help are incredible.

We're having a great summer even if it is busy. In the mornings we try to either go jogging or else we meet up with Tooter for a hike. If we aren't hiking there's either playtime or story hour at the library a couple times a week, so we hit that. I also got invited to join a playgroup once a week, and that is a lot of fun. If we're home we spend mornings on the deck, with me trying to make sure Kins doesn't get herself scratched by Zeus, who no matter how many times I take off the deck, comes right back up to be grabbed, poked, and sat on. After lunch she naps for a couple of hours, and by the time we play around for a bit and I feed her again it's getting to be time to go to the park. She loves going to the park. I suggest getting in her stroller and she runs right over. When we get back it's time to get ready for bed. That's about all we do, but after adding in eating 4x a day for her, a few for me, a nap, and the usual to do list, it's all there's usually time for.


  1. yeah...it's amazing how the day just gets packed when only a couple of activities get thrown in. And the slacking thing is definitely one of those things that gets worse the longer you do it. stuff just builds and builds until it's basically impossible to post it. hopefully this talk of tim having more time in the near future turns out to be true. it is tough stuff going it alone.

  2. Being a good mom is a full time job. The Kins loves having kid activities and plenty of attention.
    You must find time to post the weekly photos, though. That is essential.


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