The 4th

I asked my parents to come into town so that Tim and I could resume a tradition we started back before Kins was born, which was to go to the rodeo and watch fireworks after.

The night started out a little bumpy when I had trouble printing the tickets and decided that the tickets would be waiting for us at will call. In hindsight I don't know why I would have thought that, as I had picked the print tickets at home option. Predictably, they were not at will call. The rodeo was just starting when we found that out and got in line. Half an hour of waiting, and the 12 year old ticket girl informed us that she could see we did indeed buy tickets, but, she could not print them so we would have to go home, print them, and come back. Even though we would then miss the whole rodeo. Not to mention the fact that we had waited in line specifically because we could not print them at home. Right then Tim realized perhaps we could pull up the print tickets page on his phone, and have the barcode scanned right off the phone screen. We pulled it up, and the girl doing the scanner goes, "Oh, scanner's broken. Go on in." Ahhhh. A frustrating beginning.

As we sat down someone was just being bucked off a bull, next a couple of chariot racers came out. We thought we had missed the bulls entirely. The night looked up when we found out it was all bull riding, it was a special rodeo because the pro bull riders were there. We felt like we'd seen enough bull riding by the time the rodeo was over. I did miss seeing the bronc riding. I always like that just as much if not more than the bull riding. We did see the kiddos riding sheep, which is always kinda cute. There was also a kid there who did some fancy Michael Jackson moves and then some extra fancy lasso work. That was fun. Overall, I really had fun.

After the rodeo we had a little time to kill before the fireworks. We walked through the fair, which was packed. After seeing the line to the farris wheel was about 400 people long we decided to mosey toward the car so we could get out first after the fireworks. They started going off before we made it to the car, but right when we were passing by a vacant grassy area with a perfect view. It was a nice show. We parked so far away that it didn't matter that we were leaving with the crowd, we didn't end up stuck in traffic anyway.

I had been a little worried about how Grandma was faring with Kins. Kins can be tricky to put to bed. When Tim works a lot she starts refusing to go to bed with him, screaming and hating it unless I come do it. She has to see him around more before she'll want to cuddle up and go to sleep for him. She did fuss some, but Grandma started singing to her about Sadie and Howard (Dee and How) and she calmed down and listened until she got sleepy. She even ate her dinner for Grandma! Quite a success and what an achievement for Grandma. =)

We were pretty wiped out by the time we went to bed around midnight, and fireworks were still being set off at that time. Our neighborhood has gone crazy with them this year, due to some new fancy kind being allowed now. It was funny because the next morning I asked my dad if the fireworks kept him up, and he goes, "Oh, Yes! I was up clear until people finally quit setting them off around 10:30!" Apparently they didn't bother him as much as he thought. After 11 when we were talking to my mom we were all talking about how remarkable it was that Kins hadn't been woken up by the extremely loud and very frequent fireworks.


  1. sounds like some pretty fun times. lol, your dad. His ability to sleep through stuff is pretty impressive. It's so nice to know that grandma's got the impressive skills to get Kins to sleep.


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