19 Months

This has been a fun month because it's been so easy to teach Kins new words lately. She is learning things at turbo speed now. I want to write up a separate post on her vocabulary so I will remember what she was saying at this age, but she's up to around 70 words. She's capable now of learning at least one new word per day and also has been learning a letter a day recently. She knows half of the alphabet now. She sings a few songs to herself. She watches everything carefully and imitates like a pro. When she sees cats, instead of meowing, she copies the sounds she hears them make hacking up hairballs. She loves Zeus, although she's not very good with him and is often pulling out his hair and tugging on his ears. I have to watch like a hawk when they're together.
She likes animals in general. After purchasing a bag of dog food, she kept crawling up on the bag, saying, "Hooowwww!" and giving the dog on the bag a kiss.

She likes to do most things she sees others do. Wear sunglasses and hats, drink from adult glasses, put hair bands on her wrists, organize laundry, ect. I'll say something is tasty, then I hear her say it enthusiastically. If I whisper to her, she whispers back. She loves having you copy her facial expressions or the other way around. I'll look at her to find her eyebrows raised sky high, and she'll laugh when I do it too.
She's not been as into giving kisses as she used to be, she's getting more independent I suppose. Only rarely does she give kisses now. But, she likes sitting in my lap for books. When I suggest she get a book and bring it to me she almost always does.

She got a visit from grandma and grandpa this month. She was a little shy at first, but she had so much fun.

She's been going to the library for story time and play time at least a couple times a week. She's getting a little more social, but she is fairly shy. She loves going to the park each day. We usually go before she needs to get ready for bed, and she remembers most days when the time is approaching, and goes to her stroller. She loves pushing her stroller around, but she prefers to push it from the adult handle, which requires being carried while pushing, she laughs when she gets to do this.
 She's liking the park more each day. She says "slide" now and gets excited about going down.
She loves to visit the cement elephant figures and the horses to ride on.
Her favorite part of the park is still finding a piece of garbage. So, there's some more excitement to be had about the park in the future I think.

We tried putting her in a "wading pool" (technically a large tupperware container... shhhh). She liked it ok, but she didn't really see what the big whoop was and got bored shortly.

I've managed, through lots of time and work, to get her weight up into the 1st percentile. She's getting to be easier to feed. She eats around 32 ounces of food over 4 meals per day. She hates milk, but loves water. I ended up weaning her totally this past month. She was only nursing morning and night, but for purposes of hopefully getting pregnant again, I decided to totally wean her.

She despises diaper changes. I assume she thinks they're just a huge waste of time. She gets mad when the dogs or cat try to take her stuff. Which happens a lot when she walks around dragging pieces of ribbon past the cats.

She's taking one nap per day, and the routine is usually very easy if I stick to it. She falls asleep easily at about 1:00 and usually sleeps for about 2 hours. Her bedtime is 8 and she wakes up at about 7.

She's easy and so much fun at this age. Once again, it seems this past month was the best of all.


  1. It has been a great month. Excellent writing skills btw. Flows very nicely. he pictures are well done as well. Lovin the EVO apps it appears.

  2. there are some awesome pics this post. I think my favorites are the one with her and your mom and the one with her in the pool. She looks like she's just gotten caught at some sort of mischief. I agree with tim, excellent writing.

  3. great photos...she is really growing up fast...

  4. I really love that you're documenting this so well. I love those eyebrows up in space!!!

  5. Great pensive look in the first photo. Cute photos of her in the park in her sunglasses! Very funny to see her raise her eyebrows. She's just 19 months of cuteness, all the way.


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