Jul 31, 2011


 Bear hugs
 Sitting on her mama chair
 This pair of mystery shoes arrived in the mail awhile back. Turned out they were from Tooter. Such a cute present, and what a spoiled Kins. Now she just needs to grow into them.
 I've been putting a book in bed with her. That way if she wakes up, she usually finds her book pretty quickly and reads for a bit before falling back asleep instead of being upset. It's working out nicely. Sometimes she falls asleep clutching a book.
 The aftermath of the Bear hug. He was equally pleased.
 I didn't set this up.

Jul 30, 2011


I always get less motivated to blog the longer I go without. Maybe it's the pressure to catch up, things are all building up and it's impossible. My friend April was in town for a bit, which kept us on the move and before and since Tim has been working like a madman. He had two employees go to jail at the start of a couple of jobs, and neither employee is out yet. Not a great start. The job is supposed to be over at the beginning of next week, and the word on the street is he's going to get to be around a little bit after that. It makes life very busy when he doesn't help watch Kins a little in the evenings and put her to bed. Those single moms out there without support around to help are incredible.

We're having a great summer even if it is busy. In the mornings we try to either go jogging or else we meet up with Tooter for a hike. If we aren't hiking there's either playtime or story hour at the library a couple times a week, so we hit that. I also got invited to join a playgroup once a week, and that is a lot of fun. If we're home we spend mornings on the deck, with me trying to make sure Kins doesn't get herself scratched by Zeus, who no matter how many times I take off the deck, comes right back up to be grabbed, poked, and sat on. After lunch she naps for a couple of hours, and by the time we play around for a bit and I feed her again it's getting to be time to go to the park. She loves going to the park. I suggest getting in her stroller and she runs right over. When we get back it's time to get ready for bed. That's about all we do, but after adding in eating 4x a day for her, a few for me, a nap, and the usual to do list, it's all there's usually time for.

Jul 14, 2011

Zeus the Pony

Jul 13, 2011


She really likes this song. She starts doing a little grooving around 30 seconds in.

Jul 12, 2011

Random Pictures

Near the Draper path. An unusual sight!
Getting some work done.
Hanging on the deck.

Contentedly pushing the stroller with Daddy.
She's the spitting image of Tim, but in this picture at least, it would appear she may have gotten my eye color.

We love chillin' in the grass after a run.
Park time.

Jul 11, 2011


She's into pretending to talk on the phone. She uses anything as a stand in for a phone. Here she is using her usual non-phone like stand ins.

Jul 10, 2011


I've been wondering how many words Kins knows and decided just to type them all out. I know I'm missing a few, and I'm not counting the ones that she knows, and points out when asked, but doesn't say. She also knows half of the alphabet. She's up to around 70 words, and she seems to have hit an age where she's able to learn much faster. She knows a couple of songs too, just a few words for each that she'll sing pretty often. Here's her vocabulary list, a little boring for most I'm sure, but since I use my blog as her baby book it must be included.

Dog (she also woofs)
Howard - How
Sadie - Dee
Cat - Ta, or, more often she will just start making a terrible yowling/hacking sound in imitation of hairball hacking.
Moo (for cow)
Bear - Bo
Baaa (for sheep)
Oink oink (for pig, it sounds like if you keep your mouth closed and say oink oink)
Neigh (for horse, her neighs are always very drawn out an enthusiastic)
Bird - Bee
Butterfly - Fluhbye (also for flower)
Bzzzzz (for fly)
Quack quack (for duck)
Elephant - Eeeeeee 
Yi-yon (for lion)
Who-who (for owl)
Do Ka Doo Ka Doo - Rooster or Chicken

Water - wawa
Food - Foo
Toothbrush - do dah

Thank You - Tay too
Yucky - Yi-Yi
Phone - Pho
Hot - Ha
Bopee (her made up word for soft petting)
Day (The Snowy Day, a book)
By (A Fly Went By, a book)
Poopoo (she will usually announce it after she's pooped)
Ticka ticka tock - for clock

Nose - No
Mouth - Mow
Teeth - Tee
Ear- Or
Hair - Hay
Forehead - She only said this one a few times, Bo-bed. She points to it when asked though.
Cheek - Chee
Belly - Bay
Hand - Han
Nipple -Bip-pull, she's very curious about hers and Tim's.

Tree - Tee
Scwepe - Plane
Rock - Ra
Vroom Vroom (car)
Outside (si)
Hat - Ha
Slide - Sly
De-Dah - sunglasses 

Sock - Sa

Yawn - yaw

She's really been coming along on her alphabet too. She knows A, B, C, D, E, H, I, O, Q, R, S, T, U, and V. For H, R, and S she just makes the noise they make instead of saying the letter name.

* These are words she knows. She points to them when asked, but she hasn't said them yet, or at least not regularly.

Jul 9, 2011


Kins does her best to imitate hacking up a hairball at about 30 seconds in. Her accuracy is impressive.

Jul 8, 2011

The 4th

I asked my parents to come into town so that Tim and I could resume a tradition we started back before Kins was born, which was to go to the rodeo and watch fireworks after.

The night started out a little bumpy when I had trouble printing the tickets and decided that the tickets would be waiting for us at will call. In hindsight I don't know why I would have thought that, as I had picked the print tickets at home option. Predictably, they were not at will call. The rodeo was just starting when we found that out and got in line. Half an hour of waiting, and the 12 year old ticket girl informed us that she could see we did indeed buy tickets, but, she could not print them so we would have to go home, print them, and come back. Even though we would then miss the whole rodeo. Not to mention the fact that we had waited in line specifically because we could not print them at home. Right then Tim realized perhaps we could pull up the print tickets page on his phone, and have the barcode scanned right off the phone screen. We pulled it up, and the girl doing the scanner goes, "Oh, scanner's broken. Go on in." Ahhhh. A frustrating beginning.

As we sat down someone was just being bucked off a bull, next a couple of chariot racers came out. We thought we had missed the bulls entirely. The night looked up when we found out it was all bull riding, it was a special rodeo because the pro bull riders were there. We felt like we'd seen enough bull riding by the time the rodeo was over. I did miss seeing the bronc riding. I always like that just as much if not more than the bull riding. We did see the kiddos riding sheep, which is always kinda cute. There was also a kid there who did some fancy Michael Jackson moves and then some extra fancy lasso work. That was fun. Overall, I really had fun.

After the rodeo we had a little time to kill before the fireworks. We walked through the fair, which was packed. After seeing the line to the farris wheel was about 400 people long we decided to mosey toward the car so we could get out first after the fireworks. They started going off before we made it to the car, but right when we were passing by a vacant grassy area with a perfect view. It was a nice show. We parked so far away that it didn't matter that we were leaving with the crowd, we didn't end up stuck in traffic anyway.

I had been a little worried about how Grandma was faring with Kins. Kins can be tricky to put to bed. When Tim works a lot she starts refusing to go to bed with him, screaming and hating it unless I come do it. She has to see him around more before she'll want to cuddle up and go to sleep for him. She did fuss some, but Grandma started singing to her about Sadie and Howard (Dee and How) and she calmed down and listened until she got sleepy. She even ate her dinner for Grandma! Quite a success and what an achievement for Grandma. =)

We were pretty wiped out by the time we went to bed around midnight, and fireworks were still being set off at that time. Our neighborhood has gone crazy with them this year, due to some new fancy kind being allowed now. It was funny because the next morning I asked my dad if the fireworks kept him up, and he goes, "Oh, Yes! I was up clear until people finally quit setting them off around 10:30!" Apparently they didn't bother him as much as he thought. After 11 when we were talking to my mom we were all talking about how remarkable it was that Kins hadn't been woken up by the extremely loud and very frequent fireworks.

Jul 7, 2011

19 Months

This has been a fun month because it's been so easy to teach Kins new words lately. She is learning things at turbo speed now. I want to write up a separate post on her vocabulary so I will remember what she was saying at this age, but she's up to around 70 words. She's capable now of learning at least one new word per day and also has been learning a letter a day recently. She knows half of the alphabet now. She sings a few songs to herself. She watches everything carefully and imitates like a pro. When she sees cats, instead of meowing, she copies the sounds she hears them make hacking up hairballs. She loves Zeus, although she's not very good with him and is often pulling out his hair and tugging on his ears. I have to watch like a hawk when they're together.
She likes animals in general. After purchasing a bag of dog food, she kept crawling up on the bag, saying, "Hooowwww!" and giving the dog on the bag a kiss.

She likes to do most things she sees others do. Wear sunglasses and hats, drink from adult glasses, put hair bands on her wrists, organize laundry, ect. I'll say something is tasty, then I hear her say it enthusiastically. If I whisper to her, she whispers back. She loves having you copy her facial expressions or the other way around. I'll look at her to find her eyebrows raised sky high, and she'll laugh when I do it too.
She's not been as into giving kisses as she used to be, she's getting more independent I suppose. Only rarely does she give kisses now. But, she likes sitting in my lap for books. When I suggest she get a book and bring it to me she almost always does.

She got a visit from grandma and grandpa this month. She was a little shy at first, but she had so much fun.

She's been going to the library for story time and play time at least a couple times a week. She's getting a little more social, but she is fairly shy. She loves going to the park each day. We usually go before she needs to get ready for bed, and she remembers most days when the time is approaching, and goes to her stroller. She loves pushing her stroller around, but she prefers to push it from the adult handle, which requires being carried while pushing, she laughs when she gets to do this.
 She's liking the park more each day. She says "slide" now and gets excited about going down.
She loves to visit the cement elephant figures and the horses to ride on.
Her favorite part of the park is still finding a piece of garbage. So, there's some more excitement to be had about the park in the future I think.

We tried putting her in a "wading pool" (technically a large tupperware container... shhhh). She liked it ok, but she didn't really see what the big whoop was and got bored shortly.

I've managed, through lots of time and work, to get her weight up into the 1st percentile. She's getting to be easier to feed. She eats around 32 ounces of food over 4 meals per day. She hates milk, but loves water. I ended up weaning her totally this past month. She was only nursing morning and night, but for purposes of hopefully getting pregnant again, I decided to totally wean her.

She despises diaper changes. I assume she thinks they're just a huge waste of time. She gets mad when the dogs or cat try to take her stuff. Which happens a lot when she walks around dragging pieces of ribbon past the cats.

She's taking one nap per day, and the routine is usually very easy if I stick to it. She falls asleep easily at about 1:00 and usually sleeps for about 2 hours. Her bedtime is 8 and she wakes up at about 7.

She's easy and so much fun at this age. Once again, it seems this past month was the best of all.

Jul 5, 2011

Family Pictures

My parents were in town for a couple of days and I asked them to snap some pictures of us. They have a much nicer camera than we do, plus it's a lot easier to have someone else take the pics. I took some pics of them with Munchies that turned out great too, but I'll just use this opportunity to build up suspense for my next post.

We run a lot on the Draper section of the Porter Rockwell trail, and I'd been noticing how perfect the train tracks next to the path would be for pictures. I'm happy with how they turned out.

Jul 1, 2011


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