White Pine Overlook

We hiked up to the White Pine Overlook recently. The trail the whole way up was wet and/or covered with snow. At this rate we'll be lucky to get in any hiking high up before it snows again! This is an odd year.  Here Tim is at the White Pine/Red Pine Junction.

It was actually kind of nice hiking next to the snow, it kept it nice and cool, but made it hard if we had wanted to go up higher.


  1. The crazy weather made for a really nice cool spring, but I'm ready to start hiking without snow!

    When I first moved here in December 2009, I tried hiking in early April because it had been warm for a week. Hah!

  2. Definitely an odd year.
    That's a lot of snow! We found snow at about 9000 feet north of Strawberry Reservoir.

  3. yup, pretty crazy hiking in snow when it's basically july. Bears got really excited when he saw that first picture of tim and kins. he exclaimed, "HI!" while flailing his arms around excitedly.

  4. Ha, yes, early April hiking must be done with snow shoes around here!

    Mama, hopefully it won't be too long before we can meet up at Strawberry.

    Aw, Bears can't wait to see Kins again. He probably really misses her. It's been like.. 2 days now?

  5. I need to come back out soon so I can come hiking with you guys.


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