It's been hectic recently. Munchies had her 18 month check up, where she caught a stomach bug. I got it a couple days later, and then Tim. Next, about a week after her MMR vaccine, Munchies got a fever. I was fairly sure it was from the vaccine, because they say 1/6 kids get fever 7-10 days after. She seems to just now be down to a regular temperature. Through all of this, Tim has been working long hours, only coming home to sleep, and skipping a night on even that one night. He didn't even miss much work when he went through the stomach bug, he went in at 9 instead of 6 in the morning, but that was about it. The lawn has died*, mama has gotten a bit frazzled, and Munchies started refusing to even let Tim rock her to sleep after he missed so many nights. Finally, he's done with the job he was working on. He's spent some time reconnecting with Munchies and she snuggled up to him like usual tonight. I'm hoping life can resume a lazier pace.

* We have the best neighbor ever. Tim had gotten a chance to set the sprinklers, but when they came on, one ended up forming a geyser into the neighbor's yard. He rushed over to tell me. The next day, he came over and suggested he just cap off the sprinkler that was bad, so we can get some water on the lawn until Tim has a chance to fix it. I told him Tim would be home that night and get some free time after that, so we should be ok. He seemed very troubled by that answer, and again suggested he just run over and get his tools so he could fix it. He obviously wasn't going to feel right about the situation until that bad boy was capped. I said ok, he capped it right away, and then he started telling me how he'll come over and help Tim fix it when Tim's ready. What a perfect neighbor. I made him some chocolate chip cookies and felt gratified to hear his grand kids ate them up all in one afternoon.


  1. Hope that you get a day to all spend together soon. Also love that you made the neighbor cookies for helping.

  2. it is have to have a good neighbor...hope your all back to normal soon...

  3. Yikes! Too bad about all the sickness. Hope Tim gets to take it a little easy on Father's day, and hopefully Kins gives him a hug.

    Are u talkin about the Iranian guy? Or another neighbor? Sounds awful nice.

    Anita wiped out on her bike and has been hurting the last week too. Deep shoulder bruise and scraped up fingers. :(

  4. It has been a little crazy. Hope life settles down soon.
    Glad you have such a good neighbor, and one whose grandkids have the good sense to appreciate your cookies!

  5. that was awesome of you to make him cookies...and so cute of him to make sure to let you know that they all got gobbled up. he does seem like a pretty dreamy neighbor.

  6. Sammy, We got to spend this whole weekend together so far. And this isn't the first time our neighbor has helped out, the man earned some cookies.

    Deb, this weekend has been surprisingly normal. :)

    Eric, Tim's been playing some halo today and relaxing. And Kins DID give him a big hug actually! Nope, the guy on the other side. That's too bad Anita wiped out, hope she's mended soon.

    Mama, yes, things are settling down already. Very nice.

    Tooter, yeah, it was funny he went out of his way to let me know the cookies all got eaten.


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