To whom it may concern

Tim received the following email through the contact us link on his website. It's regarding one of his employees:

To whom it may concern,

I am very upset that the shirts your guys wear on the job sites do not have there names on them nor do you require them to wear  name badges. I had an encounter with a blonde haired, mohawk wearing, blue eyed gentleman today that was so dreamy I could barely speak. Please do me a favor and take my complaint to heart, or just don't hire such good looking gentlemen.


Secret Admirer


  1. This letter was meant to be private! Bears will be so embarrassed if he finds out that you made this public.

  2. Ha, ha. The guy with the mohawk must be pretty hot! He has his own fan club.

  3. Maybe some of us old guys need to grow mohawks and dye them blonde. No thank you, I have earned my short gray hair. Very funny.


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