Mornings on the Deck

 Tim got around to making gates for the staircases off our deck. Kins had recently discovered how to open the sliding glass door to get out there, so I was worried about forgetting to lock it and her getting out. He made the gates self closing, so we don't have to worry about forgetting to close them. The deck is shady in the mornings until about 11. Kins is a lot happier out there than inside, hopefully her love for being on the deck won't wear off, because I'm hoping to spend all the mornings we can out there.


  1. that's so awesome that you've got a baby proofed spot for her outside now. this summer should be pretty dreamy.

  2. yay to mornings on the deck and to safe Zoeys

  3. Good job! Now that the deck is enclosed, it makes a great place for an outdoor-loving Kins to play.


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