Laura and I hiked up Ferguson Canyon and I saw this enormous dandelion. It seemed like the perfect prop for some cute baby pics.


  1. Aww they did come out really cute. I love how shy she looks in that second to last one.

  2. It does make a cute prop and good pics.
    I think it's a yellow salsify. We have some growing around here. They do look like huge dandelions when they go to seed.
    Both the salsify and dandelion are in the sunflower family.

  3. P.S. Tell T. Squats that the blogger police on her site won't let me sign in! I've tried to comment about 3 times and I'm always kicked back to the sign in page.

  4. Mama, Sammy and I were just talking about how you could probably ID the flower. Interesting, it's really pretty before the seeding stage too.


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