Daily Pictures

Sammy requested a daily picture of Kins. It's got me taking a lot more pictures and it's fun. Here are a few.

 Her expression in this one cracks me up.
 Apparently these are both trains.


  1. Well, of course she's adorable in all of these. Love the shadow shot. She looks so tiny next to Howie. Funny that she's pretending her shoe is another train. Her imagination is already hard at work.

  2. She is really stinkin' cute.

  3. lol that one with her and howard is hilarious. Bears looked at her in the shopping cart and declared, "Zaayyy!" He might be learning her name already. There's at least a 30% chance I'd say.

  4. She loves shoes. She's always running around carrying a couple of shoes, a big fascination there.

    Why, thank you Loran. :)

    That's so cute that Bears might be learning her name! He definitely is. 100%.

  5. I've really been enjoying daily pics. It's nice to see what you get to see every day.


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