18 Months

 This past month Kins has gotten a little interested in the park. Instead of being equally excited about the park and the parking lot next to it, she now seems to favor the park. She is fascinated by the slide, although you never know if she will want to go down, or be terrified to go down. She is afraid to swing too. Mostly she likes running around looking at the equipment and kids and she favors the cement animal shapes she can sit on. You'll have to excuse the terrible picture, she had smeared food all over the camera lens, little did I know at the time.

She made her first friend at the park the other day. There aren't always kids her age, but when there are she is very interested in them. This girl wanted to be friends and Munchies loved the idea, but was too shy to do much about it. When the girl approached her, Munchies laughed and was thrilled, but that was about it. She also followed the girl around. In fact, they had such a kinship that they both pooped their pants while they were playing. I noticed a strong smell, but upon checking Kins' diaper, saw that though she had pooped, it was not the source of that particular poop smell. The puzzle pieces all fell into place as I had flashbacks from just moments before of the little girl grabbing her pants and crotchal area in a distressed manner, and her father then becoming embarrassed and telling her to stop grabbing herself.

She's gotten a little more patient with having books read to her. She waits longer before getting bored and flipping pages prematurely. She likes to point to letters and pictures and have them identified. She calls a few books by name. At the moment she's especially into By, Day, and YiYon (A Fly Went By, The Snowy Day, Goodnight Gorilla (and this one needs another parenthesis to explain that she likes the lion in this book more than the gorilla)). She loves most of her books really, but these are the only ones she requests by name. If I ask her to get a book and come sit in my lap to read it she will, it's adorable.

She learned to stand up without having to use furniture or anything this month. She has learned lots of new words including flub-bye for butterfly or flower, rock, tree, bird, hand, ear, hair, and many more.

She's into putting on hats. She just loves to wear them around.


  1. she sure is growing up...

  2. Cute pic with the hat and the cell phone. She's ready to go out on the job!
    The little friend reminds me of Carin with the white blond hair.
    So many new things this month! She's getting to be a big girl.

  3. I love the one where she has her pink shirt on and tongue halfway sticking out...looks like she's totally posing for the camera. She's so cute! Glad she's making new friends at the park. :)

  4. So many cute pictures in this post. That's awesome that she was able to make a little friend and that they could share some poop time together. Bears has a harder time making friends at the park. He's very good at stealing other tykes' toys though. Perhaps when he abandons the latter skill the former will just fall into place.


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