Jun 30, 2011

Jun 29, 2011

White Pine Overlook

We hiked up to the White Pine Overlook recently. The trail the whole way up was wet and/or covered with snow. At this rate we'll be lucky to get in any hiking high up before it snows again! This is an odd year.  Here Tim is at the White Pine/Red Pine Junction.

It was actually kind of nice hiking next to the snow, it kept it nice and cool, but made it hard if we had wanted to go up higher.

Jun 28, 2011


Laura and I hiked up Ferguson Canyon and I saw this enormous dandelion. It seemed like the perfect prop for some cute baby pics.

Jun 27, 2011

Mornings on the Deck

 Tim got around to making gates for the staircases off our deck. Kins had recently discovered how to open the sliding glass door to get out there, so I was worried about forgetting to lock it and her getting out. He made the gates self closing, so we don't have to worry about forgetting to close them. The deck is shady in the mornings until about 11. Kins is a lot happier out there than inside, hopefully her love for being on the deck won't wear off, because I'm hoping to spend all the mornings we can out there.

Jun 23, 2011


I noticed this gorgeous sunset one evening.

 Here's a different angle with my retro camera app. It makes the colors quite a bit more vibrant. That's some radio tower my neighbor has, huh?

Jun 21, 2011

Daily Pictures

Sammy requested a daily picture of Kins. It's got me taking a lot more pictures and it's fun. Here are a few.

 Her expression in this one cracks me up.
 Apparently these are both trains.

Jun 20, 2011

Father's day

This is what Munchies gave her daddy for Father's Day. She's got a daddy who changes diapers, rocks her to sleep every night he can get away from work, loves taking her on walks, notices every new thing she does, and laughs and smiles about every cute moment. She's a lucky girl.

Jun 18, 2011


It's been hectic recently. Munchies had her 18 month check up, where she caught a stomach bug. I got it a couple days later, and then Tim. Next, about a week after her MMR vaccine, Munchies got a fever. I was fairly sure it was from the vaccine, because they say 1/6 kids get fever 7-10 days after. She seems to just now be down to a regular temperature. Through all of this, Tim has been working long hours, only coming home to sleep, and skipping a night on even that one night. He didn't even miss much work when he went through the stomach bug, he went in at 9 instead of 6 in the morning, but that was about it. The lawn has died*, mama has gotten a bit frazzled, and Munchies started refusing to even let Tim rock her to sleep after he missed so many nights. Finally, he's done with the job he was working on. He's spent some time reconnecting with Munchies and she snuggled up to him like usual tonight. I'm hoping life can resume a lazier pace.

* We have the best neighbor ever. Tim had gotten a chance to set the sprinklers, but when they came on, one ended up forming a geyser into the neighbor's yard. He rushed over to tell me. The next day, he came over and suggested he just cap off the sprinkler that was bad, so we can get some water on the lawn until Tim has a chance to fix it. I told him Tim would be home that night and get some free time after that, so we should be ok. He seemed very troubled by that answer, and again suggested he just run over and get his tools so he could fix it. He obviously wasn't going to feel right about the situation until that bad boy was capped. I said ok, he capped it right away, and then he started telling me how he'll come over and help Tim fix it when Tim's ready. What a perfect neighbor. I made him some chocolate chip cookies and felt gratified to hear his grand kids ate them up all in one afternoon.

Jun 11, 2011

To whom it may concern

Tim received the following email through the contact us link on his website. It's regarding one of his employees:

To whom it may concern,

I am very upset that the shirts your guys wear on the job sites do not have there names on them nor do you require them to wear  name badges. I had an encounter with a blonde haired, mohawk wearing, blue eyed gentleman today that was so dreamy I could barely speak. Please do me a favor and take my complaint to heart, or just don't hire such good looking gentlemen.


Secret Admirer

Jun 7, 2011

18 Months

 This past month Kins has gotten a little interested in the park. Instead of being equally excited about the park and the parking lot next to it, she now seems to favor the park. She is fascinated by the slide, although you never know if she will want to go down, or be terrified to go down. She is afraid to swing too. Mostly she likes running around looking at the equipment and kids and she favors the cement animal shapes she can sit on. You'll have to excuse the terrible picture, she had smeared food all over the camera lens, little did I know at the time.

She made her first friend at the park the other day. There aren't always kids her age, but when there are she is very interested in them. This girl wanted to be friends and Munchies loved the idea, but was too shy to do much about it. When the girl approached her, Munchies laughed and was thrilled, but that was about it. She also followed the girl around. In fact, they had such a kinship that they both pooped their pants while they were playing. I noticed a strong smell, but upon checking Kins' diaper, saw that though she had pooped, it was not the source of that particular poop smell. The puzzle pieces all fell into place as I had flashbacks from just moments before of the little girl grabbing her pants and crotchal area in a distressed manner, and her father then becoming embarrassed and telling her to stop grabbing herself.

She's gotten a little more patient with having books read to her. She waits longer before getting bored and flipping pages prematurely. She likes to point to letters and pictures and have them identified. She calls a few books by name. At the moment she's especially into By, Day, and YiYon (A Fly Went By, The Snowy Day, Goodnight Gorilla (and this one needs another parenthesis to explain that she likes the lion in this book more than the gorilla)). She loves most of her books really, but these are the only ones she requests by name. If I ask her to get a book and come sit in my lap to read it she will, it's adorable.

She learned to stand up without having to use furniture or anything this month. She has learned lots of new words including flub-bye for butterfly or flower, rock, tree, bird, hand, ear, hair, and many more.

She's into putting on hats. She just loves to wear them around.

Jun 5, 2011

Howie the Pony Dog

Howard is warming up, I think there's a beautiful friendship brewing. He used to look back with a slightly concerned expression when Kins would crawl on his back, now he just chills.

Jun 4, 2011


I've been having fun with the retro camera app on my phone. 

Jun 2, 2011


Little feet and shoes are the cutest.
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