Walks to the Park

 Lately we've been going to the park most nights. It's not too far of a walk from our house.
Munchies still likes to hold hands when walking, especially in places where she doesn't feel totally secure. Although, she goes off on her own readily enough if you're not going the way she wants to go.
She thinks this looks like a clock and goes, "tickatickaticka" when she sees it.
She's gotten into going down the slide. She laughs on the way to the top and gets very gaspy and giggly when we sit down to slide.

Playing peek a boo through the stairs is a good time.
And everybody loves big kisses and hugs from Mommy.

We've been loving our walks to the park, and they're going to be even better when it's not chilly and windy most days!


  1. All cute photos, but I really love the one of her walking off by herself. She's learning independence, and that's good to see!

  2. making great memories...

  3. That last picture is my favorite. She looks like such a little sassafrass. :)

  4. I'm looking forward to chasing Zoey around the next time I'm out. Also Tim may be trying to tell you something with the shirt he is wearing. Just saying.

  5. Yep, she like running off on her own now, especially when she's in a familiar place.

    She's looking forward to playing with Aunt Sammy too! Yeah... actually at the moment it's big time laundry day.


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