Story Time, First Fight, and Flirting with Married Men

Tooter and I took Bears and Kins to library story time. Kins was intimidated by the crowd and mostly sat in my lap or else ventured only as far as she could while still holding my hand. When some balls were handed out she came out of her shell to try to steal them from other babies. Bears wasn't as intimidated and explored bravely most of the time. During one of the songs I looked over and he was on the far side of the room, but staring at the story lady and swaying enthusiastically to the song she was singing.

Kins and Bears had their first fight at story time. She had a book, but she had lost interest and set it down. Bears saw his chance and swooped by, stealing her book. She suddenly realized she couldn't go on without that book. She got up and snatched it back. He began to cry and tried to grab it back. There they were, both crying, one holding each side of the book in a desperate tug-o-war. They later united in an effort to escape the room. All other babies were playing, while Bears and Kins were standing at the glass exit doors, trying to get out to... do nothing. Nothing was outside the doors but an empty hall.

There was some adult action too. I flirted shamelessly with a married man there with his wife and child. When we first arrived I noticed that there was a guy there who I went to high school with. I was staring at him trying to decide if it was him, when he looked up and gave me a big smile. I smiled back, thinking we were going to then discuss how we went to school together. He didn't say anything though, and I chickened out. Instead, I glanced over periodically still not positive if it was him. Then I noticed his wife eying me suspiciously and realized it was all very inappropriate. When I got home I googled him to be sure. I found him alright, but he looked totally different and was certainly not the man from story time.


  1. haha you do certainly have a way of spinning out a tale to make it seem riveting. Not to say that story time wasn't full of intense drama, though. It certainly was. I'm just glad that bears and kins could unite against a common enemy (the door) before things got too heated with their battle over the book. I just feel so sad about having spaced off during all the subtle, awkwardly adulterous action.

  2. Funny about the high school acquaintance that wasn't.
    Hilarious action with Kins and Bears. They're quite the pair.


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