May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day I got to be Munchies' Mama. There are a lot of women who want to be mamas and can't, and I worried I was one of them for awhile. Being a mom is incredible, the best gift possible, cheesy as it may sound.
Tim said he was going to be the mama for the day, feeding Kins all of her meals, doing diaper changes, getting her napping, and picking up the house all day. Turns out Kins doesn't eat much or nap well if mama isn't doing the feeding and napping duty. It was a really sweet idea though, and he did what he could.


  1. She is growing so much, isn't it amazing all the developmental milestones she has reached and will continue to reach? Happy Mother's Day to you! It was nice of Tim to try to take over, awesome really!

  2. such a sweet's so nice to see them pitching so much more with raising the kiddos these days...

  3. This is such a warm fuzzy post. :) It was a really sweet gesture for Tim to try and take over everything. It's probably a bit satisfying that only Mommy's special touch will do for some things though.

  4. I think being a mama (and grandma) is a very special gift.
    Nice of Tim to try to be a mom for a day.

  5. mamas just do everything better.:)


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