Notice her hand casually, yet possessively, resting on his knee. He seems pretty thrilled about it.

 I feel like there's a clever interpretation for what's going on here, but it eludes me. I bet Tooter knows though.
 You can't tell, but Bears found a plastic book stand, and this picture captures his adventures in examining this never before seen gem. Kins is filled with admiration.

We were supposed to be taking them to story hour at the library, but it turned out I read the schedule wrong and there was no story hour. It was no disappointment to the babies, they ran around the kids section of the library looking at plastic plants, books, other babies, and each other.


  1. kids can adapt so well to their surroundings...everything is a new adventure...

  2. Ahh yes, I remember what was going on while you were taking that second picture. Kins was pretending to admire the stitching on Bears' shirt as a segue into holding his hand. Unaware of her real intentions, he launched into an elaborate tale of how he hunted down a giant tiger and fashioned a shirt out of it's skin and buttons from it's eyes. None of it made any sense and she just got embarrassed for him.

  3. I like Tooter's interpretation.
    Funny pics. Obviously, Kins still thinks Bears is a hottie. I agree. I think they're both hotties. And cuties, too.

  4. she has clearly laid claim to her man. he is mere chatel.
    watch out for other girls who get near or she might claw out their eyes.


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