17 months

Munchies has learned many new words this month. She's probably saying around 40 now. It only takes her hearing the word a couple of times before I'll hear her using it. She really impresses me. I showed her a banana in a book a couple of times, and later that day she pointed to the real bananas in the kitchen and said, "nana". She has a plastic B and from it she noticed the shape of the letter B and points it out in books. After she poops she goes over to the diapers and reaches for them, even though she hates diaper changes, they're a huge waste of time. She's learned which noises cows, sheep, owls, clocks, chickens, flies and horses make. It's been a whirlwind of learning this month.

For Easter we tried to get her into coloring eggs. We did this:
 All she wanted to do was this:
She has gotten enthusiastic about playing patty cake. She will approach me, grab my hands, and start patting them together saying, "pa cay, pa cay". She'll do it with her feet during diaper changes. She brings me books to read to her and climbs up in my lap to hear them. She has a few favorite authors and books now. She likes books where the whole page is full of color with no white space.
She has gotten quite adept at using my phone. I have tried not to let her play with it more than a total of 15 minutes per day, and she's gotten a lot just from that. She can turn it on and then slide the lock bar on the touch screen down. She can choose the button to pull up the apps and then select kid mode, the app she mostly plays with. It's basically just a collection of youtube videos for kids and a few games. She also will make calls. I usually put the phone on airplane mode, but she sees me do it, and knows how to undo it to make calls. Now she's getting to use the phone more than ever before because I discovered that I can shovel quite a lot more food into her if she's spacing off watching videos. She's still in the 0th percentile for weight, and I'm hoping to get her at least up on the curve which starts at 3%. I blame her extreme love for my phone for not getting a whole lot of good pictures this month. I take most of my pictures with my phone, but once she sees it she stops doing what she was doing and just wants the phone. Here's a self portrait she took with the phone though. Very artistic I think.
She finally started walking this month. She waited until she was confident she wouldn't fall much, so she's pretty good at it. She runs around everywhere now.

One random thing I noticed is she's started yawning contagiously. I noticed before that she never did.

Every single month starting with her first I've thought, wow, this month was awesome, I don't see how it could get better. And every month it does. It's been fun teaching her things and watching her soak it all up.


  1. isn't if fun all the new things they learn every month...little britches has changed so much this month...pulling up on everything...walking down the couch or stool...and all the words he is learning...and he can mimic so many sounds...a real chatter box

  2. That picture of her surrounded by plastic bags makes me laugh. that's what our apartment looks like most of the time these days. Locke really likes to help with the recycling. I can't believe how smart little Zoey is, being able to figure out how to switch out of airplane mode on your phone by just watching you do it. Oh and I lover her self portrait. You're right, very artistic. I can see it blown up and then painted on one entire side of a tall building.

  3. As if it hasn't been said enough: Zo is preposterously cute!!!

  4. Happy 17 months to the little sweetheart! She really is learning fast now. It's so fun to see how much she's learned each time we see her.
    Yes, she's an artsy photographer already. She'll be taking over the blog before you know it...

  5. Ryan just saw zoey's self portrait and says, "it's hauntingly beautiful."


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