Visiting Grandparents

Over the weekend we took a quick trip to see my parents. Kins got to see cows, peacocks, chickens and horses. She was very interested in all of them. She was afraid of the horses though and didn't want to touch them very much. I told her when we passed a cow what it was and I couldn't tell if she really got it. Awhile later she all of a sudden wanted to walk over to look at the cows and when she got there she pointed and said, "Maaaa!" That's how she says moo.

Here you can see my parents' beautiful property.
 Kins was polite and wanted to share the hay with Grandma.

She also loved exploring my parents' house and playing with grandma and grandpa of course. They got to be involved in her finally learning to walk. She'd been taking a few steps on her own between furniture the last couple of days, but on the trip my dad was able to get her to start walking further and it seemed to really boost her confidence.

We realized how dependent we are on our glider rocking chair to get Kins sleeping. Our routine is to recline it all the way so she's laying down on us and then rock her. There was a non reclining chair at my parent's, but, it didn't do the trick. That and she was really wound up and excited. She pretty much refused to nap and slept all night, but went to bed so much later than usual that she was pretty behind on her sleep. When we got home she napped more than twice as much as usual and she seems all caught up now. 

Here she is with Grandpa. He let her play with his phone.

My mom stuffed us with delicious food and we had lots of time to talk. We should be seeing them again as they pass through town to visit my grandparents later this week. Kins is very excited.


  1. Wow, I didn't realize just how big their property was...although I guess I should have, seeing as how they have horses. It pretty much looks like paradise for a little kid. I bet within a year or two she'll be begging you guys to take her down there all the time.

  2. We loved having you guys visit and taking part in Zoey's first long walk to check out the dog food!


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