Funny Kins

Kins made up her own word, "bop-eeee", and she uses it in funny ways. She uses it as an intro to her song, "Bop-eeeee, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah". She also uses it when she's petting me or an animal. We were reading a book that has a lion in it. She looked at him for a second, and then said, "bop-eee" and petted his mane. It wasn't a touch and feel book or anything. It was funny to watch her realize he was furry and decide to pet him.

Another funny thing she does is grab her hair or her ear and start yanking on it screaming, "Owwww!!" Unfortunately, she does this to other people sometimes too. She'll violently do something and scream, "Ow!" simultaneously. It makes me laugh... but I stifle it and try to discipline her when she does that.

She loves being chased. If she's walking down the hall and notices one of the dogs is behind her, she'll shriek and laugh with delight and take off running. She takes off so fast that if she's not holding my hand she just falls down. It doesn't seem to bother her though, she just squirms around on the floor laughing.


  1. Aww. hopefully sometime you can get a video of her gleefully running away from the puppy friends. it sounds so cute.

  2. She's learning new things every day, it seems. Must be hilarious to see her playing chase with her animal friends. A video would be good.


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