16 Months

Picture taken by Sammy, she took quite a few great pictures of Kins when she was visiting.

Last month I was positive she'd be walking on her own more often than just when she walks between Tim and I. Nope. She seems to feel like it's simply too risky. She barely holds on to my finger when we walk now, but she gets very upset when I try to get her to let it go. Maybe next month?

Her funniest new word is poo poo. She's a little unsure of the meaning, she says it after farting, when seeing a poopy diaper, and also after pooping. She gets pretty excited about it. She makes a few animal noises, it's really funny when she says "baaaa". She hasn't matched it up with a sheep yet, but she likes to say it.

She got a visit from Sammy this month, they're BFFs.

She can match up shapes in her simple puzzle and shape sorter barn, although she doesn't usually have the dexterity to get the pieces in place. One day I noticed every single puzzle piece sitting on top of it's cutout, none of them actually pushed into place. I thought maybe Tim did it, because we'd been working often on the puzzle, but she hasn't seemed to get it yet. I had her try, and she had just all of a sudden figured it out. She's learned to draw too.

She's gotten even more liberal with kisses this month. She's constantly saying, "MMMMmmm!" for a kiss and leaning it. Her expression is hilarious when she does it, she raises her eyebrows sky high and pushes her mouth toward you. She'll just keep doing it until she gets her kiss. No kiss pictures, but here she is after nap time being extra cuddly.
And one more with Mama. Daddy got left out in this blog I just realized. Sorry Daddy! He's been really busy this past month, and hasn't always had time to see Kins a lot except for a little play time before bed and to put her to bed. He hates to miss putting her to bed. She always lunges for him after she's in her jammies and sleepy.


  1. She's cuter than ever, and learning so many new things! She'll have a lot of new skills to show off when we see her next.

  2. sammy did take some really awesome pictures. that's so cute that she gets excited about giving her farts and poops a name now.

  3. wow she is growing so fast...the learn so quickly..


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