Sweet Moments

Kin's is a really sweet baby. She does one thing in particular that makes me smile. I rock her for a few minutes while she gets sleepy before her naps and bedtime. Ever since she started to get into giving kisses, she especially likes to deliver a few during this ritual. She will lay her head down, then pick it up and go, "Mmmmmm!" while puckering up for a kiss. As soon as I oblige her, she lays her head right back down. Usually she likes to give me at least a few kisses before she falls asleep.


  1. That really is so sweet. I wonder how many babies do stuff like that? It was so cute when she gave Bears that kiss a while ago.

  2. Squats, I forgot to tell you. Kins met up with Riley recently, and she didn't offer a single kiss or cuddle to him... she was busy being shy. It took her about 5 minutes to work up the courage to point out his nose. So, it's definitely just bears who she pursues that way.

  3. She's a sweetheart. Who could not love such a little darling?


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