Sammy Visit

My friend Sammy has been visiting since Wednesday, and it's been a blast. I've been terrible about pictures and need to get some from her to post.

She's hung out here during Kin's nap times most days, but we've made the most of it. One day it was warm enough to sit out on my deck the whole time, since then it's been windy and chilly, but we still have been walking a couple of times and to the zoo. The zoo is my new yearly plan to celebrate spring. I decided because the first day of spring is one of the most exciting days for me, we needed to start a tradition to celebrate it. It's got to include going to the zoo, a picnic, and possibly kite flying. We hit number one this year, but failed on the other two. It was so windy and had started to snow by the time we finished up at the zoo, so none of us felt like sitting in the wind any longer to eat the lunch I'd packed. We went to Caputo's instead, which was excellent as always.

Kin's loves Sammy, it's fun to watch them hanging out. Sammy will be here a few more days, I need to get my act together and take some pictures!


  1. I have had a wonderful time with you and Zoey. It's so much fun to watch her learn and grow and play!


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