Date Night

My parents visited last weekend. Saturday they watched Kins so that we could go out on a date. We went and ate at Goodwood first. It was really tasty. Definitely the best pulled pork sandwich I've had in awhile. We occasionally go out to eat with Kins, but with her along the focus is mostly on keeping her happy and there's not a lot of time to actually enjoy eating your own food. It was nice to just relax, talk, and take as long as we wanted eating. We laughed and had fun. After our meal we had some time to kill before our movie, so we even ordered dessert. A brownie with ice cream topped with ganache. It was perfect and we both felt like we were gonna pop when we were done.
We saw True Grit. It was awesome, no question I give it 5 stars. The whole theater was cracking up often, it's that funny. Then with the whole heartwarming young girl brings out the sweet side of a roughened old man, well, it's a slam dunk.

Kins had walked Grandma and Grandpa many miles by the time we returned. After they left, I started noticing Kins is now enthusiastically saying, "Uh-oh!" She definitely learned it from Grandma, cuz neither of us ever say it. She mostly says it when she's playing with her blocks. I think Grandma must have helped her build towers and knock them over, saying, "Uh-oh!" each time. Grandma, did I get it right?


  1. Ah, that sounds like some good times. I'm gonna have to watch that movie here pretty quick. it does sound like it's really good. and I have a feeling that your detective skills have served you well in determining the origins of her newly learned word.

  2. Yes, I plead guilty on saying "uh-oh" when the block tower crashed. I'm so proud that I taught her something new!


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