Airplane Trick

You always see people doing this trick to get babies to eat. It never used to work with Kins, but then Tim started getting really into it and making it extra loud and exaggerated. When she starts slowing down on her eating, we just whip out this trick and she eats quite a lot more. In the video she gets a little distracted by a drip falling off the spoon, so Tim has to circle the plane, but was still met with success. I guess I should have prefaced that by mentioning it was a spoiler alert. Oh, and this video was taken with my new phone. I'm pretty happy with the quality.


  1. thus far I haven't managed much success with that trick either. I'll have to try it Tim's style. seems quite brilliant.

  2. Cute. Tim makes great airplane noises. She's a good little immitator now. Better watch what you say and do!


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