15 Months

Social: She initiates giving kisses to us, to the pets, and to her toys. She goes, "Mmmmmmmmm," puckers up, and leans in. She likes to greet everyone, including strangers, with, "Hi."

Physical: She has taken about 5 steps, she's getting very close to really toddling around everywhere on her own. Instead of clinging to both hands when walking around she voluntarily lets one go while walking to carry something around or check stuff out.  She can walk quite a distance holding just one hand, a quarter mile or so. If she had it her way we'd be walking through the field by my house during all waking hours. Grandma and Grandpa got to accompany her over the weekend.

Verbal: She's picking up words all the time. My parents pointed out she was saying either thank you or here you go fairly often when handing items to people, I hadn't even realized it. Those first words can be tricky to hear, her version of whichever it is sounds like, "Doe doe". She says belly (bay), dog (da), Howard (How), Sadie (say), dada, hi, bye bye, eye, nose, mouth, no, shoe, and probably a few others I'm not thinking of now. She knows a lot of words she doesn't say yet. If I ask if she wants a cookie she'll point to the cabinet where they are. She can point out her ears, belly and her nose (and mine).

Problem solving: She can now put rings on and take them off of her ring stacker well. She knows how to stack blocks. She tried to put lids back on things. She knows doorknobs open doors and tries to reach for them, but she's still too short and wouldn't be nearly strong enough yet anyway. She understands how her socks work, she opens them up and tries to put her foot inside, although not successfully yet.

Loves: Order, she's into putting things back the way they were lately. She takes things out of the kitchen cabinets and drawers and puts them back.

Take the bib out:
 Put it back:
 Can't forget to close the drawer up, we like things nice and tidy apparently.

She takes her shoes and socks off, lays them in careful order back on top of her feet. Organizing things is most of what she does when she's playing lately. She also has a serious love for being outside, which is going to work out quite nicely for both of us as soon as the weather warms up a little.

Here she is working on Daddy. C'mon, lets go!

Dislikes: Getting her toenails/fingernails clipped. If it takes more than 1 second to get a shirt over her head she's annoyed. Being thwarted when she wants you to keep walking around with her.

Sleeping/eating: Sleeping 11 hours overnight without waking 99% of the time. Naps are more erratic, she seems to be ready to take just one 2 hour nap per day already. She's finally getting easy to feed. She takes down about 6 ounces of food every 3-4 hours. Maybe she'll actually fatten up a little.


  1. I miss her already! She's learned so many new things in just a few weeks.

  2. it's adorable that she's so neat and tidy. I think most babies would agree with her as far as her dislikes. Those are just not fun things, that's for sure.


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