Tim's Bday

It was two days ago, but he hasn't had time to have a piece of the cake I made him yet. The good news is, he's got plenty of work. The bad, he hasn't had a chance to sleep more than 3 hours in the past few nights trying to get the work done in time. Last night, the jobs got finished, so maybe there's going to be more sleep in his future. Quite a hectic birthday. Still, there were two fairly amusing moments during the few minutes we had to interact in the past few days.

I made him a cake, and I was explaining how the big clump of candles in one corner was actually a carefully written 33. He said it was okay that it wasn't too clear, because he was actually only 32. "Well, you don't know how old I am!" I yelled. He did know. "But... you don't know my birthday!" He didn't. Ha! Even stevens in our ineptness for knowing things we should about each other.

Last night, he got home at 3:30 in the morning and after getting ready for bed, proceeded to turn on the sports channel to see what was being said about Sloan leaving the Jazz. I couldn't believe this was what he wanted to do after no sleep. About 30 seconds after turning it on, his whole body jerked violently, and he was like, "Oops! Fell asleep with my eyes open, I was in the middle of reading the banner on the screen." Then he proceeded to widen his eyes a few times trying to stay awake for more sports news. He was asleep a couple minutes later.


  1. Funny about the wrong # BD. Steve wrote Happy 32nd BD on Eric's card... but Eric was 33! Some of us seem to be a little math challenged.

  2. haha oh man, I love tim's reaction to falling asleep with his eyes open. Like it's the most natural thing in the world. Sounds like he's pretty trashed. it a good thing he actually fell asleep not long after that.


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