Laura and I got some spikes for our shoes. We tried snow shoeing, but found them to be a little unwieldy and unnecessary. We just wanted to hike without having to worry about slipping, especially since we both carry our babies. The places we go are traveled enough that you really don't need snow shoes. The spikes turned out to be just what we needed.

We are officially impressed. We can walk up anything we could walk up in the summer with these bad boys. We ended up going out two days in a row because it was so awesome. Makes winter seem a little better knowing we can hike most of the same trails this way.


  1. Wow, those spikes ARE pretty kick ass. When you told me about getting them, I figured you were talking about some wussy things.

  2. we could of used those this week here in Texas...

  3. yes, they are pretty awesome. We're not gonna have to sit at home like suckers anymore. Winter's been thwarted.

  4. Yeah they are! They're over at REI should you decide you need a pair.

    Deb, crazy it's been snowing so much in TX.

    Squats, I know, I too feel like we've thwarted winter. Ha!

  5. I completely missed seeing this until you mentioned it today.
    Your spikes are pretty cool. Steve's makeshift version stays on MOST of the time!


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