Sleep Kissing

Last night in the middle of the night I woke up to Tim's nose an inch away from mine. He then gave me a tender kiss. I asked him what that was all about. He goes, "It was the plastic that holds 6 packs of soda together." I requested further clarification. He said, "You know, the plastic around drinks? That you cut so that birds don't get caught in them?" I still didn't get it. Then he said, "You're too tired to understand. The plastic... it..." He began faltering, clearly becoming frustrated with his inability to explain himself. I was finally understanding that he was in fact the one who was too tired to understand. I started laughing and repeating hilarious parts of the conversation, but was quickly reprimanded, "You're waking me up, I need to go back to bed."


  1. Funny! He must have been dreaming about six packs... and birds. And saving the birds. And a kiss just seemed to go with saving the birds. Makes perfect sense.

  2. Oh sure you get tender kisses in his sleep & I get a punch in the face! Resulting in a split lip I might add. :)

  3. haha that's so cute. and pretty rad.


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