Kins and Bears just love hanging out. She tends to be slightly abusive, and he gets fairly upset in the moment and cries sometimes. He always forgives her, even though she shows no sign of reforming. Maybe one day she'll learn not to grip his hand so firmly in her claws, poke him violently, or yank on his hair or ears. I think he would be happier with those few small changes.

They went to get some professional pictures taken together. Kins was terrified the moment the backdrop curtain was pulled into place. The noise frightened her and she pulled her saddest face. When we set them together and the camera and it's flash went off she actually started crying and clung to me for dear life. After she watched brave Bears get his photo taken for awhile she calmed down enough to participate some. She still wasn't thrilled about it.
 She warmed up a little as time went on. 
She may be abusive, but Bears proved to be quite the toy hoarder. First he wanted the ball, which was all well and good because she had a flower. But, then he took even that! She was shocked, yet serene about the incident. She later retaliated with physical abuse. Here they are happily with their respective items.
Now you'll notice Bears has both toys. Kins is taking it well thus far, perhaps happier than in the entire rest of the photo shoot. Bears can only be described as ecstatic over his new possession.
My mom pointed out their matching chins.
And gotta finish off with a couple more of Kins in a better mood. She was happier when I held her or walked her.


  1. she is too cute....great photos...

  2. he was a bit of a hog when it came to the toys. He's so embarrassed. Good thing kins doesn't mind sharing.

  3. What a bad Bear, stealing Kins' flower! On the other hand, maybe Kins ought to go a little easier on the Bear.
    They're both adorable, and so cute together.

  4. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing I've seen in a while. Beautiful babies!

  5. Thanks, Deb!

    Oh, no! I didn't mean to embarrass Bears, physical abuse is worse, so he's doing pretty well I think.

    Thanks, Monica. I sent you a FB email!

  6. I'm really looking forward to seeing both of them in action!


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