Feb 26, 2011

Tech Saavy

Another love of hers, using the radio remote. Entertains her for long periods of time, although must watch her closely, otherwise she'll crank the volume and scare herself.

Feb 24, 2011

Sleep Kissing

Last night in the middle of the night I woke up to Tim's nose an inch away from mine. He then gave me a tender kiss. I asked him what that was all about. He goes, "It was the plastic that holds 6 packs of soda together." I requested further clarification. He said, "You know, the plastic around drinks? That you cut so that birds don't get caught in them?" I still didn't get it. Then he said, "You're too tired to understand. The plastic... it..." He began faltering, clearly becoming frustrated with his inability to explain himself. I was finally understanding that he was in fact the one who was too tired to understand. I started laughing and repeating hilarious parts of the conversation, but was quickly reprimanded, "You're waking me up, I need to go back to bed."

Feb 20, 2011


 Kins and Bears just love hanging out. She tends to be slightly abusive, and he gets fairly upset in the moment and cries sometimes. He always forgives her, even though she shows no sign of reforming. Maybe one day she'll learn not to grip his hand so firmly in her claws, poke him violently, or yank on his hair or ears. I think he would be happier with those few small changes.

They went to get some professional pictures taken together. Kins was terrified the moment the backdrop curtain was pulled into place. The noise frightened her and she pulled her saddest face. When we set them together and the camera and it's flash went off she actually started crying and clung to me for dear life. After she watched brave Bears get his photo taken for awhile she calmed down enough to participate some. She still wasn't thrilled about it.
 She warmed up a little as time went on. 
She may be abusive, but Bears proved to be quite the toy hoarder. First he wanted the ball, which was all well and good because she had a flower. But, then he took even that! She was shocked, yet serene about the incident. She later retaliated with physical abuse. Here they are happily with their respective items.
Now you'll notice Bears has both toys. Kins is taking it well thus far, perhaps happier than in the entire rest of the photo shoot. Bears can only be described as ecstatic over his new possession.
My mom pointed out their matching chins.
And gotta finish off with a couple more of Kins in a better mood. She was happier when I held her or walked her.

Feb 19, 2011


She sees how we use the computer and loves to do it too. She's pretty good at copying us I think. She'll do this for a half hour or so at a time.

Feb 11, 2011

Tim's Bday

It was two days ago, but he hasn't had time to have a piece of the cake I made him yet. The good news is, he's got plenty of work. The bad, he hasn't had a chance to sleep more than 3 hours in the past few nights trying to get the work done in time. Last night, the jobs got finished, so maybe there's going to be more sleep in his future. Quite a hectic birthday. Still, there were two fairly amusing moments during the few minutes we had to interact in the past few days.

I made him a cake, and I was explaining how the big clump of candles in one corner was actually a carefully written 33. He said it was okay that it wasn't too clear, because he was actually only 32. "Well, you don't know how old I am!" I yelled. He did know. "But... you don't know my birthday!" He didn't. Ha! Even stevens in our ineptness for knowing things we should about each other.

Last night, he got home at 3:30 in the morning and after getting ready for bed, proceeded to turn on the sports channel to see what was being said about Sloan leaving the Jazz. I couldn't believe this was what he wanted to do after no sleep. About 30 seconds after turning it on, his whole body jerked violently, and he was like, "Oops! Fell asleep with my eyes open, I was in the middle of reading the banner on the screen." Then he proceeded to widen his eyes a few times trying to stay awake for more sports news. He was asleep a couple minutes later.

Feb 9, 2011

Brushing her hair

She loves to imitate these days. She holds the phone to her ear. She holds her hands on her play laptop keyboard like she sees us holding ours on a real keyboard. Here she is brushing her hair.

Feb 7, 2011


Belly is Munchie's new favorite word. If I'm changing my shirt she'll point and scream with glee, "Bay!" She can point her's out now too. I couldn't get a video of her pointing to her belly, but I showed her mine and you can at least hear her say it.

Feb 5, 2011

14 Months

She's 17.5 pounds and about 29 inches tall. She's getting her 9th tooth.  She now gets the concept of putting things away. She has a barn that stores things inside, and she always puts a few things back after taking it all out. She tries to put the rings back on her ring stacker too, but she's not quite precise enough yet. She brushes her hair and holds her phone up to her ear. She can stand and balance for five seconds or so, but she still won't do it intentionally. She can walk around holding just one of my hands, but she's not confident about it yet, and holds her other hand up and looks back to see why I'm not taking it the whole time. She loves walking with me to a cabinet or bookshelf, then stopping and removing all the stuff she can.

She copies words pretty well. And understands the meaning of a few more this month: hot and belly. She gets really tentative about touching things called hot. She is obsessed with belly buttons, she just loves to see a belly and poke her finger into the belly button, saying, "bay!!" She can point out her own bay too when asked. She can give kisses too.

She loves the microwave. When it beeps, she holds her hand out to it, her way of saying I want that. She also loves going outside. She's always walking over to the door, and trying to open it to go in the backyard.

 She loves just walking around out there.

She's getting better and better at falling asleep on her own. She will usually only make sad whining noises for less than 30 seconds, or not at all, before falling asleep. She's been acting like maybe two naps is too many lately. Sitting up and playing in her crib instead of napping. Could it be time already for her to take just one nap??

Eating solids has been going well. Most days I even end up feeling like she ate as much as I thought she should eat, which she never did even a month ago. This is good timing, because my fertility doesn't seem to really be around yet. I just dropped her mid day nursing session to work toward fertility. Kins didn't even notice. Weaning is turning out to be harder for me than for her. Now I'm just nursing her twice a day. I'm really hoping my body will kick back into gear so that I can nurse her until she's about 18 months, that was my original plan, and I would love to stick to it.

Here she is talking to herself. There's so much I want to get her doing on video, but she stops doing it right away when she sees the camera.

Feb 4, 2011


Laura and I got some spikes for our shoes. We tried snow shoeing, but found them to be a little unwieldy and unnecessary. We just wanted to hike without having to worry about slipping, especially since we both carry our babies. The places we go are traveled enough that you really don't need snow shoes. The spikes turned out to be just what we needed.

We are officially impressed. We can walk up anything we could walk up in the summer with these bad boys. We ended up going out two days in a row because it was so awesome. Makes winter seem a little better knowing we can hike most of the same trails this way.
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