Strange Encounter

I can't help but feel like this story can only disappoint what with all of the anticipation my last post produced. It's really not all that exciting, and I only even thought to blog about it because I was telling Tim about it and ended up finding it hilarious. And now, without further ado, the STORY:

On a family walk we ran across a stray dog whose address was on her tags and it was only a couple of blocks away so we walked back past. She followed us nearly to her house, but stayed a few houses away not wanting to go home yet. We knocked and told the owner his dog was running around. He made a big deal about how that darned comcast guy let her out, and he was going to run out and get his dog right now. She started following us again as we walked off down the street, but the owner still hadn't come back out of his house after "putting on his shoes". We put Sadie's leash on the dog and walked her back. Anita unhooked the leash and handed the collar of the dog to the guy who was out in front of his house again by that time. He took the collar, then let go immediately and ran back into his house excitedly telling us that he was going to get his other dog. He brought another dog out off leash and this time he had his 2 year old daughter slung under one arm too for good measure. The dog we'd brought back promptly ran off several houses down. For some reason this didn't seem that strange to me at first, but when I was retelling the story to Tim he was like, "Wait.. What? Why did he go get his other dog?" And then I cracked up and laughed for 5 minutes because I thought it was funny that question hadn't occurred to me. I had to bring Eric in on this discussion to ask if he knew, and he decided the guy must have just thought a doggie party would be a lot of fun. Finally the guy put his other dog back in the house and saw the first dog was a couple of houses down. He was like, oh shoot, let me get the truck! He then proceeded to drive 50 feet to pick up his dog. I assume so anyway... once he started driving around we went on with our walk.


  1. That story did not disappoint. I lolled big time.

  2. The guy was a little strange, all right. He didn't seem too concerned about catching his hound dog.


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