For the first time I'm starting to really get Kins successfully on a schedule. I couldn't figure out when she needed her naps until now. I'm not sure I'm really doing it right now even, but it's working out. She's taking two naps about 3 hours total. The new bedtime is the best part though. She used to go to bed around 10 and would always wake up about 8. I started putting her in bed closer to 8, and.... she still wakes up at 8. Which just means a happier baby in the mornings, and Tim and I have 2-3 hours of luxurious leisure time. We can like, woah, watch a whole movie after she's in bed. Yet, she won't be up until we've had plenty of beauty rest. I know, I said that already. But, I felt it was worth repeating. This schedule thing is rad.

I used to be more of a slave to Kins. I'm learning that's not necessarily good for either of us. I always rock her for a minute before she naps or goes to bed. Before, if I laid her down and she sat up and cried, I would rock her longer until she was unconscious when I put her down, or else I would just figure she didn't need a nap. Turns out, if I just leave the room, even if she sits up and cries for a minute, she pretty much always lays down and goes right to sleep within 5 minutes. Letting her cry has been a hard thing for me to do, but in her case it means she ends up getting more sleep, and it means I can finally have her on a schedule!


  1. have little britches where he will go to sleep on his own now also at nap time...just turn on the music...give him his paci..and he usually kicks his feet for a little while then fast asleep...he's doing great for 6 months old..

  2. That's so cute he just kicks his feet and falls asleep. He's definitely doing great!

  3. Yes, schedules are good for all concerned. I'm glad Mom and Munchies finally figured out a system that works.


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