I've been getting out jogging some this winter. I used to really hate running in the cold, but last winter when I really needed to in order to shed some pregnancy weight I acquired a taste for it. It's brutal starting out, but once I get heated up I'm always surprised by how it hardly even feels like winter anymore. It makes me feel kinda like it's summer.

Kins does great in bob, aka the jogging stroller. While jogging that is. She tends to scream if she's in it longer than half an hour walking. She demands jogging. When I'm jogging, she just lays back in her million layers of blankets and chills. Even though she can't use her hands since they're all covered up with mittens.


  1. You don't look very happy about jogging, but Kins seems ready to go! Is that a vacuum hose attached to your stroller? Do we have a budding redneck engineer in the family?

  2. I love that you do so much with her...she is such a cutie...

  3. ehh I haven't whipped the stroller out since it started getting super cold. Hearing about how it may not be so horrible makes me wanna try it out though...maybe. ugh.

  4. Mama, that was after jogging, I was tired, Kins kicked my butt, she stayed right ahead of me the whole time. And, sadly, no. That was just the vacuum cleaner hiding behind the stroller.

    Thanks Deb, she loves to get out.

    Squats, you really need to. I swear, as long as the temperature is above freezing, and you've got a few layers, it doesn't even feel cold after the first few minutes. We should meet up to jog next week. You should put Grillz on your mp3 player, that'll get you motivated! :)


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