Falling Apart

Um, hello, shins? I've only been running a few miles a few times per week lately, why are you so wussy? There I was, having the time of my life, prancing along, feeling great. Suddenly, bam, after finishing a run I realized I was experiencing pain when simply trying to walk. I was hobbling around for the rest of the day. I then let you rest for a whole week before beginning a leisurely jog yesterday. You began to immediately alert me to the fact that my body is getting old by throbbing annoyingly. Three miles later, and now I have to let you rest for another week.

Side pain. Hello to you too. Don't think I've forgotten you. You arrived halfway through pregnancy, and you have yet to depart. Are you a hernia? A ruined ligament? An entrapped nerve? I would really appreciate an answer. It's nice that you don't keep me from walking/jogging entirely as you did for the second half of my pregnancy. However, it does still concern me a little that you often notify me of your presence upon any activity involving impact.

In summary, body, please stop being so wussy. Thank you.


  1. hope your body gives you a good answer and stops being so fussy...

  2. But at least your body's providing an intriguing mystery for you to try and solve. I'd say that over the years it's provided hours of entertainment, just speculating at what the problem(s) might be. Oh yeah, and let's not forget when you and tim both had severe unexplained groin pain and were talking about it like it was the most natural thing in the world. Actually, for all I know that could still be going on.

  3. Ugh, I feel your pain...I'm having problems with shin splints too. It's especially frustrating when the pain kicks in without having gone on a very strenuous run. Let me know if you figure out a way to get rid of these things.

  4. Thanks Deb.

    Squats, this is true. Our groin pain seems to have resolved, so that's nice of my body to allow.

    Monica, actually, I was going to ask you what to do for shin splints. It was funny because mine had just started up again when I got your FB email about how yours were acting up too.


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