Eating at 13 months

You might have been asking yourself, what in the world does a Kins eat these days? You may have even been losing sleep over the matter. Well, fret no more, the answer is coming in only a few more short sentences. Or, possibly paragraphs depending on my ability to be concise.

We want to have another little one soon. Or, more accurately, have another little one on the way soon, as it would be tough for me to actually produce another child yet without actually being pregnant first. But, I am an infertile Mertyl at the moment. Nursing will put a block on fertility for some women, and either I'm some women, or I'm going to have to take femara again. I have reduced nursing down to just 3x/day in the past week, because that will often do the trick.

The point is, Kins is having to fulfill her caloric needs on more solids than ever before. After several days of feeling like I was starving her by only nursing her 3x per day and inbetween watching her eat hardly anything, she's finally picking up the pace on her solids. I make most of her food and freeze it in ice cube trays. Since she's been dropping on the weight chart, I've recently made her some really high cal stuff. I can get her to eat three things fairly well:
  • Avocado, cream, and orange concentrate smoothie
  • Sweet potatoes made with tons of butter, brown sugar and cream
  • Squash, made the same way as the sweet potatoes
She's finally starting to take down enough that I think she might actually rise on the chart. She'll eat about 3 cubes every 3 hours during the day, plus a 4 ounce jar of some type of baby food. When you calculate it, that's 2.4 cups of food a day, and a minimum of 800 calories, for this 17 pound baby, pretty decent! That would be the same as me eating 15 cups of food per day, about 5,000 calories. This isn't even accounting for the nursing she's doing, which likely provides another 500 calories. Basically, I've had way too much time on my hands this morning, I think we can all agree.


  1. nice you found things she will eat..good luck with the new project....hope you have results soon..

  2. All those things sound deliciously fatty. I'll be so surprised if she hasn't pudged up significantly for her next visit.

  3. Wow, she is eating a lot! She ought to gain weight with all that food. And surely she'll be nursing less now that she's eating so much more.


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