13 Months

The biggest change in the past month has been talking. She has been having a word explosion. She uses several words in the correct context now. She says dog, hi, dada, eye, no, and ow. The context isn't totally correct with no, she says it when she's in the process of doing something that I've told her "no" about before. Like tossing food off of her food tray. I tell her no, so now she grabs the food and starts chanting "no!" while tossing it off. Same with ow, she says it when she pinches or pokes someone. It's really fun to see her talking and she's learned more than half of these words in the past week. It's exciting to see how easily she's learning new words now.

She can stand on her own for up to 5 seconds now, although she never does this intentionally. It'll be like I'm holding a stuffed bear between us that she's holding onto for balance, and she'll keep balancing when I let go. She's extremely cautious about walking around holding furniture, she won't intentionally take any risks. She can crawl up stairs. She loves nothing more than walking around holding someone's fingers, exploring the house.

She's got the second of two colds this month. She got exposed to a cold celebrating Christmas on both sides of the family and caught them both. These after being really sick and having to stay at the hospital for 24 hours mid November. She was in the 0th percentile (according to her doctor's chart) at her last visit a month ago, so I've been trying to feed her lots of avocados and whole milk. It's tough when she's lost her appetite for a few days twice now with these colds. I'm not extremely worried about it, because she looks a healthy weight and because according to the World Health Organization she was in the 3rd and not she's in the 7th, being up to a whopping 17 pounds (16 at one year). Their charts are better, because they're based off of breast fed babies world wide, instead of formula fed babies in the US. Her being little isn't a surprise, as both mama and daddy were always the smallest kids in class growing up... and mama still is, although daddy finally hit a growth spurt.

I'm still nursing her, although I've cut back some trying to get her to eat more solid foods. She's a ridiculously picky eater, as I still am.

After having some rough times getting her to sleep through the night for awhile there, she's now sleeping like a champ going at least 10-12 hours per night. Usually if you stalk through the house like a puma and don't disturb her she'll go 12, but she's sleeping lightly by morning so she'll wake up earlier if she hears you.  She's napping like a champ now too, predictably taking a nap from 4-6 every day and often a half hour to hour around noon.

She's very cautious around strangers, she won't wave or smile and gets totally silent. She doesn't cry anymore when held by someone she doesn't know.


  1. LOL. I love how she says "no" when she does something bad. How creative :) I have an idea about walking around with her. It's related to how she hangs on to the bear that you're holding, then remains balancing after you let go. Teach her to hold on to some intermediate object while walking around! Like some stick or whatever. This would also prevent destruction back from leaning down.

  2. I like Eric's idea.
    She'll be walking soon anyway, though.
    I love how she says "ow!" when pinching someone. She's a funny girl.

  3. Best investment you could make? A sound machine for $20 at your local Target or Walmart. You can find them in the section with the candles & soothing cd's. We all sleep with one now & its great for creating constant but soothing sounds for her, while allowing you guys to go on with life without stalking around your house! For me? It helps drown Trae's snoring out...at least a little bit!

  4. Eric, good idea! I tested it out using a tennis raquet, letting her hold onto the grid. She got really uncomfortable and insecure.. but if I work on it I think she would get used to it. Fortunately for me, if I walk with my legs a couple feet apart I don't have to even bend over to walk her. Benefit of being short. Tim would greatly appreciate the technique though.

    Mama, yeah, the way she uses ow and no are hilarious.

    Nikki, I actually have a sound machine! I'm addicted. And I have a fan in Munchie's room, but our floor has the loudest squeaking problems ever, and her bedroom is right next to the living room and kitchen, so even with the fan she wakes up. I wonder if a sound machine would work better than a fan though? Could be.

  5. wha....no adorable pictures of the 13-month version of munchies? This is an outrage.

  6. Yeah, I know Tooter. I couldn't find any new pics though that I hadn't already posted here what with xmas and her bday both happening this past month. Terrible!


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