Jan 30, 2011

Falling Apart

Um, hello, shins? I've only been running a few miles a few times per week lately, why are you so wussy? There I was, having the time of my life, prancing along, feeling great. Suddenly, bam, after finishing a run I realized I was experiencing pain when simply trying to walk. I was hobbling around for the rest of the day. I then let you rest for a whole week before beginning a leisurely jog yesterday. You began to immediately alert me to the fact that my body is getting old by throbbing annoyingly. Three miles later, and now I have to let you rest for another week.

Side pain. Hello to you too. Don't think I've forgotten you. You arrived halfway through pregnancy, and you have yet to depart. Are you a hernia? A ruined ligament? An entrapped nerve? I would really appreciate an answer. It's nice that you don't keep me from walking/jogging entirely as you did for the second half of my pregnancy. However, it does still concern me a little that you often notify me of your presence upon any activity involving impact.

In summary, body, please stop being so wussy. Thank you.

Jan 26, 2011


Tim usually works at home. The other day while Kins was napping I was sitting next to him reading. He was on the phone, and not giving it much thought, I farted. Usually my farts are really quiet. Not this time. It was a small fart, but shockingly loud. Tim had his headset on, through which the person on the other end can hear the smallest noises. Turns out he was talking to a client. He gave me a shocked look and then we both started silently laughing. I don't know how he was able to hold it together, but when he next needed to speak, he was able to do so without cracking up. Meanwhile, tears were running down my face. Good times.

Jan 22, 2011


That's trying to conceive, duh. I know this because during the year when I was trying t... ttc Kins (see how much easier that is?!) I visited many a website that told me so. Full of women ttc, using ovulation tests, referring to their cycle day, days past ovulation, and eventually, the bfp (that's big fat positive... pregnancy test that is). It all gets addicting. Now that I'm ttc again, I just can't wait to conduct scientific experiments involving pee and dipsticks, ovulation and pregnancy. By the way, I'm ttc. I should have led with that. I cut back on nursing recently in hopes of getting my fertility back, and it just might have been crazy enough to work. I recently found myself riding the cotton pony. I'm cracking myself up with that one. I googled nicknames, because that way I wouldn't have to refer to my menstrual cycle on my blog (oops) and that one made me laugh. While we're on the subject though, Tooter and I have a funny code too. It used to be that our aunt was visiting, but that's way to obvious. So, we've named them for discretion, since that's clearly of the utmost importance to me. For me she's called Susan. For Tooter, just to throw people off the trail, it's her uncle, and he's PC Jenkins. Which actually got sounding kind of incestuous the other day in conversation, but in general it works pretty well.

Tangent over, the point is, there's a chance I might actually be able to get pregnant without drugs soon. I got some cheap ovulation predictor and pregnancy tests off the internet, and I'm excited to use them. I start scientific testing Monday, wish me luck.

Jan 20, 2011


I've been getting out jogging some this winter. I used to really hate running in the cold, but last winter when I really needed to in order to shed some pregnancy weight I acquired a taste for it. It's brutal starting out, but once I get heated up I'm always surprised by how it hardly even feels like winter anymore. It makes me feel kinda like it's summer.

Kins does great in bob, aka the jogging stroller. While jogging that is. She tends to scream if she's in it longer than half an hour walking. She demands jogging. When I'm jogging, she just lays back in her million layers of blankets and chills. Even though she can't use her hands since they're all covered up with mittens.

Jan 15, 2011

Eating at 13 months

You might have been asking yourself, what in the world does a Kins eat these days? You may have even been losing sleep over the matter. Well, fret no more, the answer is coming in only a few more short sentences. Or, possibly paragraphs depending on my ability to be concise.

We want to have another little one soon. Or, more accurately, have another little one on the way soon, as it would be tough for me to actually produce another child yet without actually being pregnant first. But, I am an infertile Mertyl at the moment. Nursing will put a block on fertility for some women, and either I'm some women, or I'm going to have to take femara again. I have reduced nursing down to just 3x/day in the past week, because that will often do the trick.

The point is, Kins is having to fulfill her caloric needs on more solids than ever before. After several days of feeling like I was starving her by only nursing her 3x per day and inbetween watching her eat hardly anything, she's finally picking up the pace on her solids. I make most of her food and freeze it in ice cube trays. Since she's been dropping on the weight chart, I've recently made her some really high cal stuff. I can get her to eat three things fairly well:
  • Avocado, cream, and orange concentrate smoothie
  • Sweet potatoes made with tons of butter, brown sugar and cream
  • Squash, made the same way as the sweet potatoes
She's finally starting to take down enough that I think she might actually rise on the chart. She'll eat about 3 cubes every 3 hours during the day, plus a 4 ounce jar of some type of baby food. When you calculate it, that's 2.4 cups of food a day, and a minimum of 800 calories, for this 17 pound baby, pretty decent! That would be the same as me eating 15 cups of food per day, about 5,000 calories. This isn't even accounting for the nursing she's doing, which likely provides another 500 calories. Basically, I've had way too much time on my hands this morning, I think we can all agree.

Jan 13, 2011


For the first time I'm starting to really get Kins successfully on a schedule. I couldn't figure out when she needed her naps until now. I'm not sure I'm really doing it right now even, but it's working out. She's taking two naps about 3 hours total. The new bedtime is the best part though. She used to go to bed around 10 and would always wake up about 8. I started putting her in bed closer to 8, and.... she still wakes up at 8. Which just means a happier baby in the mornings, and Tim and I have 2-3 hours of luxurious leisure time. We can like, woah, watch a whole movie after she's in bed. Yet, she won't be up until we've had plenty of beauty rest. I know, I said that already. But, I felt it was worth repeating. This schedule thing is rad.

I used to be more of a slave to Kins. I'm learning that's not necessarily good for either of us. I always rock her for a minute before she naps or goes to bed. Before, if I laid her down and she sat up and cried, I would rock her longer until she was unconscious when I put her down, or else I would just figure she didn't need a nap. Turns out, if I just leave the room, even if she sits up and cries for a minute, she pretty much always lays down and goes right to sleep within 5 minutes. Letting her cry has been a hard thing for me to do, but in her case it means she ends up getting more sleep, and it means I can finally have her on a schedule!

Jan 9, 2011

Wintertime baby carrying

It requires a lot of layers. But, no matter the weather, Kins is always happy to be in her carrier. We went cross country skiing today. It snowed some on us, as you can see, but it was a gorgeous day and we all had fun.

Jan 6, 2011

13 Months

The biggest change in the past month has been talking. She has been having a word explosion. She uses several words in the correct context now. She says dog, hi, dada, eye, no, and ow. The context isn't totally correct with no, she says it when she's in the process of doing something that I've told her "no" about before. Like tossing food off of her food tray. I tell her no, so now she grabs the food and starts chanting "no!" while tossing it off. Same with ow, she says it when she pinches or pokes someone. It's really fun to see her talking and she's learned more than half of these words in the past week. It's exciting to see how easily she's learning new words now.

She can stand on her own for up to 5 seconds now, although she never does this intentionally. It'll be like I'm holding a stuffed bear between us that she's holding onto for balance, and she'll keep balancing when I let go. She's extremely cautious about walking around holding furniture, she won't intentionally take any risks. She can crawl up stairs. She loves nothing more than walking around holding someone's fingers, exploring the house.

She's got the second of two colds this month. She got exposed to a cold celebrating Christmas on both sides of the family and caught them both. These after being really sick and having to stay at the hospital for 24 hours mid November. She was in the 0th percentile (according to her doctor's chart) at her last visit a month ago, so I've been trying to feed her lots of avocados and whole milk. It's tough when she's lost her appetite for a few days twice now with these colds. I'm not extremely worried about it, because she looks a healthy weight and because according to the World Health Organization she was in the 3rd and not she's in the 7th, being up to a whopping 17 pounds (16 at one year). Their charts are better, because they're based off of breast fed babies world wide, instead of formula fed babies in the US. Her being little isn't a surprise, as both mama and daddy were always the smallest kids in class growing up... and mama still is, although daddy finally hit a growth spurt.

I'm still nursing her, although I've cut back some trying to get her to eat more solid foods. She's a ridiculously picky eater, as I still am.

After having some rough times getting her to sleep through the night for awhile there, she's now sleeping like a champ going at least 10-12 hours per night. Usually if you stalk through the house like a puma and don't disturb her she'll go 12, but she's sleeping lightly by morning so she'll wake up earlier if she hears you.  She's napping like a champ now too, predictably taking a nap from 4-6 every day and often a half hour to hour around noon.

She's very cautious around strangers, she won't wave or smile and gets totally silent. She doesn't cry anymore when held by someone she doesn't know.

Jan 2, 2011

Strange Encounter

I can't help but feel like this story can only disappoint what with all of the anticipation my last post produced. It's really not all that exciting, and I only even thought to blog about it because I was telling Tim about it and ended up finding it hilarious. And now, without further ado, the STORY:

On a family walk we ran across a stray dog whose address was on her tags and it was only a couple of blocks away so we walked back past. She followed us nearly to her house, but stayed a few houses away not wanting to go home yet. We knocked and told the owner his dog was running around. He made a big deal about how that darned comcast guy let her out, and he was going to run out and get his dog right now. She started following us again as we walked off down the street, but the owner still hadn't come back out of his house after "putting on his shoes". We put Sadie's leash on the dog and walked her back. Anita unhooked the leash and handed the collar of the dog to the guy who was out in front of his house again by that time. He took the collar, then let go immediately and ran back into his house excitedly telling us that he was going to get his other dog. He brought another dog out off leash and this time he had his 2 year old daughter slung under one arm too for good measure. The dog we'd brought back promptly ran off several houses down. For some reason this didn't seem that strange to me at first, but when I was retelling the story to Tim he was like, "Wait.. What? Why did he go get his other dog?" And then I cracked up and laughed for 5 minutes because I thought it was funny that question hadn't occurred to me. I had to bring Eric in on this discussion to ask if he knew, and he decided the guy must have just thought a doggie party would be a lot of fun. Finally the guy put his other dog back in the house and saw the first dog was a couple of houses down. He was like, oh shoot, let me get the truck! He then proceeded to drive 50 feet to pick up his dog. I assume so anyway... once he started driving around we went on with our walk.

Jan 1, 2011

Christmas and Happenings

My brother, his girlfriend, and my parents were in town for about a week. We went on lots of walks*, played Bananagrams and Trivial Pursuit, sang Christmas carols on Christmas Eve:

 Ate lots of delicious food and desserts courtesy of my mom, had endless good conversation, had many laughs, watched a couple of movies, and opened presents, naturally.

Kins liked the train set she got from Grandma and Grandpa, but I think Zeus liked it best of all. Every time he hears it start up he runs into the room to swat at it.

Kins hogged all of the photo taking action during present opening, but here's a cute one of Eric and Anita.

We had a lot of fun hanging out, despite all of us except for Tim having colds. Munchies was sick too, although with something a little different than the rest of us. She had a 103 degree fever for a couple of days and not much appetite for days before that. Luckily, ibuprofin and tylenol were able to bring her fever almost totally down, and she got better without even getting congested or getting a cough. On the other hand, I am still sneezing and congested. Yuck.

Munchies had been saying hi (aiii!) for a couple of weeks before they came, but not quite in context. During the trip she figured it out, and had fun going around saying hi to everyone and waving. She also learned no. A little bit anyway. We were telling her no when she would toss all of her food off of her high chair tray. A minute later she tossed off a cheerio and said "No!" Clearly my attempt at teaching her has failed, but she's learning the word anyway. She has been copying sounds like mad. She copies the sounds the animals make and lots of words.

Tim dressed her one morning and demanded pictures be taken, she did look very cute in her overalls and her new kicks from Laura.
* Story to come soon, this post was getting way too long if I included it.
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