Xmas with Tim's Family

Kins has lots of cousins on Tim's side of the family. This is the first gathering where she's been old enough to interact with them much. She had so much fun. With Reagan especially, she's the youngest and definitely the most interested. Starting two days before the gathering she had been asking if baby Kins would be there. Here they are checking each other out. You can see how stoked Reagan is about it.

Tim's family got Munchies presents for her birthday as well as being in the xmas name exchange. She got to sit and open her birthday presents with everyone and then they sang her happy birthday. It was really sweet. Here Payton is showing her the present unwrapping ropes.
Most of the kids are still young enough to be interested in her toys. Here they are checking one out.
It was a great party. Tasty food, lots of presents for the kids, and lovely company. One last parting photo. This toy was a bit hit with everyone. Even Munchies uncle, who probably played with it the most of anyone. I'm not even sure whose gift it actually was. He was able to hold it up and do two of his face imprints kissing each other. It was pretty awesome, I only regret that I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of it.


  1. the little ones make Christmas extra special...sure enjoyed my little britches and my new niece...

  2. It's cute to see Zoey interacting with her cousins. She seems to fit right in. Hope she's feeling better today.


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