Tim got a big local job that started today. It's cool, because he can work on it and actually pull a check. He hasn't paid himself for all of his hours this year, because business hasn't been awesome (yay for having saved like madmen, or should I say madpeople, in previous years!). The past few months have treated us better, and this job should help too.

It's good news, but I will miss how lucky I am when he's working in the office. When he's in the office we see each other a lot. When I'm working I usually work in the basement with him because that's where I set up Munchies big play yard full of toys. We usually eat lunch together, and if I'm not working I bring Kins down periodically to peek in and see him throughout the day. On the job he's normally working long hours, so we miss him. We'll have to bundle up and get out more often during the day. Unless we get some more days like yesterday, in which case we'll hardly have to bundle up at all, it was 50!


  1. Pretty exciting news. hopefully this is a sign that things will be looking up in the construction business.


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