Party Time

We threw her a little party for her birthday. My parents happened to be in town a few days before her birthday so since Tooter and Ruth live close I decided at the last minute to have them come by too for a little party time. We had grilled cheese and tomato soup, opened presents, and went for a walk. There was birthday cake too, naturally.

She thought her cake was tasty, and fun to play with too.

It was funny to watch the babies interact. None of them really are grasping how to interact and play together yet, but there was the occasional slow motion near miss eye gouging, some poking, and some sticking fingers into each others mouths*. Good times for the babies.

 Here Munchies was like, "Look, Baby Man, here's how you work Pony Friend's ears. Pretty awesome, yeah?"

Here she is, the Pony Friend Master, showing people how it's done, being cool in her party glasses. She would probably be embarrassed if she knew she had chocolate smeared on her face in this picture, so don't mention it to her, okay?

* Video of babies playing together to come soon, after I get it edited to show the highlights.


  1. Is there cake on her face in that last picture? I can't really see it. Too bad I missed birthday cake time. Even though she's smashing the cake around, she seems to be doing it quite daintily. I'm excited to see the action packed baby footage.

  2. I think she was very dainty with her cake. It was a great little party for the Munchies.
    Nice pics. I think they look familiar.
    Looking forward to the video.

  3. Happy 1st Birthday....she is adorable....

  4. Tooter, yes, it's cake. You're in luck, I've got the video ready. I think it's supposed to post tomorrow. Or, maybe a picture of me with an enormous spare tire is tomorrow... who can remember? Either way, entertainment for you.

    Oh yeah! I forgot to give you credit. Using my own pictures is such a hassle.

    Thank you Deb! :)


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