One Year Old?!

This year went by even faster than I expected. Rocking her to sleep last night and looking down at her I thought, this is as good as it gets. I've thought that just about daily at something or other she's done since birth. I'm glad I waited to have her so that I got lots of time to do what I wanted and be married for awhile first, but now, I don't miss the freedom.

She looked like this right when she was born.

She's been adored by her daddy since day one.

Then she started to grow up (too fast!)

This past month has been an exciting one. She said her first word (dog, naturally). She now chants it when she sees dogs or cats. She started saying MMMMMM when she eats tasty things. She predictably does this, and sometimes it's really funny. Two times in the past couple of weeks she was chillin on the floor and I heard it, and then found that she had located a cheerio on her person and eaten it both times. She learned how to get a book and turn the pages for herself, and she loves doing this. She learned to pull herself up on just about anything and stand for up to an hour at a time, and also to walk along using furniture. After learning to clap and wave she now understands the idea of mimicking actions, and she'll copy actions like pointing, head nodding to music, rocking, ect. She bangs things together. She points to what she wants.

Being a parent is a wonderful thing. She's so much fun to spend my days with and I've never been happier.


  1. The little sweetheart just gets cuter by the day. It's so fun to watch her grow!

  2. I got all teary-eyed looking at those newborn photos. She's been so adorable from day one. It's weird because I rarely get emotional when I look at newborn pics of baby bear. I think there's just something about a sweet tiny girl that just melts hearts. oh and I can't believe it's been a year either. Craziness.

  3. Happy Birthday to Zoey! Tess, you're such a great mom. Here's to another fantastic year!

  4. Wow, that was a fast year with so many changes for little Munchies. It makes me happy that you are so happy to be with her at home.

  5. Mama, I'm glad we've got Skype and that you guys have been able to visit her so often her first year.

    Squats, I don't know, I get emotional looking at any newborn pictures or newborns at all. Just in the ped office Tuesday I saw a 4 day old and nearly teared up. I think you and I are just baby crazy now. Maybe you just don't get emotional about Baby Bear because you see him every day.

    Monica, She says thank you. And yes, another fantastic year! I need to email you and get the scoop on how Arizona was.

    Yes Mountain Mama, such a fast year! I guess I'm entertained by simple stuff, but I do adore doing the stay at home mom thing. :)

  6. she is just precious....they do grow up too son will be 27 this month...just seems like yesterday he was a he has a baby...

  7. Oh no Deb! Well, it can't happen to me, I know it. She'll grow up at a reasonable pace for me. :)


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