Goodreads + The Library = A Good Time

I recently started using Goodreads more. I love how they've got lists of best voted books in all sorts of categories. I usually don't have very good luck picking out books by browsing in the library. I end up with books I like more with goodreads. Although I kinda struck out with the last two, Middlesex and The Kiterunner. I didn't find either one to be stellar. I've got about 5 books waiting for me at the library now that I'm excited about. Now we'll just see if I can squeeze in some good reading time. It's been more challenging now that I'm working about 12 hours per week, but I think it makes me value my reading time even more. Often Kins will think it's pretty fun to play in her play yard while I'm laying in there reading. She can climb over me and try to read my book too. It makes for slower reading, but it's nice.

Get yoself a Goodreads account and let the fun begin! Here's mine.


  1. I've been big time slacking at goodreads. I should get back into it. Your blog looks gloriously festive, the hats are a great touch. Is the background photo from that time we went sledding up neff's? Looks nice.

  2. Well, especially if you don't have anything on your to read list it's a cool site. Thanks! Yep, that's the photo all right.


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