Dancing Munchies

I tried to edit this some, the beginning should be sort of action packed. As action packed as a video of Kins swaying back and forth to music can be. But the song is pretty awesome, so that should help. If you skip in about a minute and a half I turned it off and back on so you could see her instant reaction. Then I gave her the remote and she picked a couple of songs and grooved to those too.

After I took the video I was putting it on the computer and she was still playing with the remote. She must have switched to to music port, cranked the volume all the way up, then switched to the radio. All of a sudden there was a burst of ultra loud static and she screamed at the top of her lungs and lunged for me and tried to crawl up my body. She was pretty traumatized and it took a little bit of soothing and leaving the room to calm her down. It was so sad.


  1. ha. so cute. I love how in one of the earlier parts she looks like she's doing some kind of fancy sexy move. Right before she says "da" I believe. Or is it "die"? Perhaps she's singing along to the lyrics.

  2. too bad she doesnt live in texas she could take my daughters creative movement class when she is 18 months...

  3. Lol, I see what you mean Squats. I think partly it's because the song is so sexy it makes any movement seem more sexy though. But, only partly.

    Deb, that is too bad, that sounds like fun!

  4. She's really got some rhythm going. I think she's learning her dad's dance moves. However, the actual movement strangely resembles the way she rocks on her pony friend.


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